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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
April 12, 2014 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC01168 DSC01169 DSC01170 DSC01171
DSC01172 DSC01173 DSC01174 DSC01175
DSC01176 DSC01177 DSC01178 DSC01179
DSC01180 DSC01181 DSC01182 DSC01183
DSC01184 DSC01185 DSC01187 DSC01188
DSC01189 DSC01190 DSC01191 DSC01192
DSC01193 DSC01194 DSC01195 DSC01196
DSC01197 DSC01198 DSC01199 DSC01200
DSC01201 DSC01203 DSC01204 DSC01205
DSC01206 DSC01207 DSC01208 DSC01210
DSC01211 DSC01212 DSC01213 DSC01214
DSC01215 DSC01216 DSC01217 DSC01218
DSC01219 DSC01220 DSC01221 DSC01222
DSC01223 DSC01224 DSC01225 DSC01226
DSC01227 DSC01228 DSC01229 DSC01230
DSC01231 DSC01232 DSC01233 DSC01234
DSC01235 DSC01236 DSC01237 DSC01239
DSC01240 DSC01241 DSC01242 DSC01243
DSC01244 DSC01245 DSC01246 DSC01247
DSC01248 DSC01249 DSC01250 DSC01251
DSC01252 DSC01253 DSC01254 DSC01255
DSC01256 DSC01257 DSC01258 DSC01259
DSC01260 DSC01261 DSC01262 DSC01263
DSC01264 DSC01265 DSC01266 DSC01267
DSC01268 DSC01269 DSC01270 DSC01271
DSC01272 DSC01274 DSC01275 DSC01276
DSC01277 DSC01279 DSC01280 DSC01281
DSC01282 DSC01283 DSC01284 DSC01285
DSC01286 DSC01287 DSC01288 DSC01289
DSC01290 DSC01291 DSC01292 DSC01293
DSC01294 DSC01295 DSC01296 DSC01297
DSC01298 DSC01299 DSC01300 DSC01301
DSC01302 DSC01303 DSC01304 DSC01309
DSC01311 DSC01312 DSC01313 DSC01314
DSC01315 DSC01316 DSC01317 DSC01318
DSC01319 DSC01323 DSC01326 DSC01328
DSC01330 DSC01332 DSC01333 DSC01334
DSC01336 DSC01337 DSC01340 DSC01342
DSC01343 DSC01345 DSC01346 DSC01347
DSC01348 DSC01349 DSC01350 DSC01351
DSC01353 DSC01354 DSC01355 DSC01357
DSC01358 DSC01359 DSC01360 DSC01362
DSC01363 DSC01364 DSC01365 DSC01368
DSC01369 DSC01370 DSC01371 DSC01372
DSC01373 DSC01374 DSC01376 DSC01377
DSC01380 DSC01381 DSC01382 DSC01383
DSC01384 DSC01385 DSC01386 DSC01387
DSC01388 DSC01389 DSC01390 DSC01391
DSC01392 DSC01393 DSC01394 DSC01395
DSC01398 DSC01399 DSC01400 DSC01401
DSC01402 DSC01403 DSC01405 DSC01406
DSC01407 DSC01424 DSC01425 DSC01426
DSC01427 DSC01428 DSC01429 DSC01430
DSC01431 DSC01434 DSC01440 DSC01441
DSC01443 DSC01444 DSC01446 DSC01447
DSC01448 DSC01450 DSC01451 DSC01452
DSC01453 DSC01455 DSC01456 DSC01479
DSC01480 DSC01483 DSC01484 DSC01485
DSC01486 DSC01488 DSC01490 DSC01499
DSC01503 DSC01504 DSC01519 DSC01520
DSC01521 DSC01522 DSC01523 DSC01525
DSC01526 DSC01527 DSC01528 DSC01530
DSC01531 DSC01535 DSC01537 DSC01539
DSC01543 DSC01546 DSC01548 DSC01568
DSC01569 DSC01570 DSC01571 DSC01572
DSC01574 DSC01575 DSC01580 DSC01582

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