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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
April 12, 2014 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC01408 DSC01409 DSC01410 DSC01411
DSC01412 DSC01413 DSC01415 DSC01416
DSC01417 DSC01419 DSC01421 DSC01422
DSC01423 DSC01459 DSC01460 DSC01461
DSC01462 DSC01463 DSC01464 DSC01466
DSC01468 DSC01470 DSC01472 DSC01473
DSC01474 DSC01475 DSC01476 DSC01477
DSC01478 DSC01505 DSC01506 DSC01507
DSC01509 DSC01511 DSC01512 DSC01514
DSC01515 DSC01517 DSC01518 DSC01549
DSC01551 DSC01552 DSC01553 DSC01554
DSC01556 DSC01560 DSC01561 DSC01562
DSC01563 DSC01564 DSC01565 DSC01566
DSC01567 DSC01585 DSC01586 DSC01587
DSC01589 DSC01590 DSC01591 DSC01592
DSC01594 DSC01595

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