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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 5, 2014 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC07457 DSC07458 DSC07459 DSC07460
DSC07461 DSC07462 DSC07463 DSC07464
DSC07465 DSC07466 DSC07467 DSC07468
DSC07469 DSC07470 DSC07471 DSC07472
DSC07473 DSC07474 DSC07475 DSC07476
DSC07477 DSC07478 DSC07479 DSC07480
DSC07481 DSC07483 DSC07484 DSC07485
DSC07486 DSC07487 DSC07488 DSC07489
DSC07490 DSC07491 DSC07492 DSC07493
DSC07494 DSC07495 DSC07496 DSC07497
DSC07498 DSC07499 DSC07500 DSC07501
DSC07502 DSC07503 DSC07504 DSC07505
DSC07506 DSC07507 DSC07508 DSC07509
DSC07510 DSC07511 DSC07512 DSC07513
DSC07514 DSC07515 DSC07516 DSC07517
DSC07518 DSC07519 DSC07520 DSC07521
DSC07522 DSC07523 DSC07524 DSC07525
DSC07526 DSC07527 DSC07528 DSC07530
DSC07531 DSC07532 DSC07533 DSC07534
DSC07535 DSC07536 DSC07537 DSC07538
DSC07539 DSC07540 DSC07541 DSC07542
DSC07543 DSC07544 DSC07545 DSC07546
DSC07547 DSC07548 DSC07549 DSC07550
DSC07551 DSC07552 DSC07553 DSC07554
DSC07556 DSC07557 DSC07558 DSC07559
DSC07562 DSC07563 DSC07564 DSC07565
DSC07566 DSC07567 DSC07569 DSC07570
DSC07572 DSC07573 DSC07574 DSC07575
DSC07576 DSC07577 DSC07578 DSC07579
DSC07580 DSC07581 DSC07582 DSC07583
DSC07584 DSC07585 DSC07587 DSC07588
DSC07589 DSC07590 DSC07591 DSC07592
DSC07593 DSC07594 DSC07596 DSC07597
DSC07598 DSC07601 DSC07614 DSC07618
DSC07619 DSC07620 DSC07621 DSC07622
DSC07624 DSC07626 DSC07629 DSC07631
DSC07632 DSC07633 DSC07635 DSC07637
DSC07638 DSC07639 DSC07640 DSC07641
DSC07642 DSC07643 DSC07644 DSC07645
DSC07646 DSC07648 DSC07649 DSC07650
DSC07653 DSC07657 DSC07658 DSC07660
DSC07661 DSC07662 DSC07664 DSC07665
DSC07666 DSC07667 DSC07668 DSC07669
DSC07670 DSC07671 DSC07673 DSC07674
DSC07677 DSC07678 DSC07680 DSC07681
DSC07683 DSC07684 DSC07685 DSC07687
DSC07688 DSC07690 DSC07692 DSC07693
DSC07694 DSC07695 DSC07696 DSC07700
DSC07702 DSC07703 DSC07705 DSC07740
DSC07741 DSC07742 DSC07743 DSC07744
DSC07745 DSC07746 DSC07747 DSC07748
DSC07749 DSC07750 DSC07754 DSC07755
DSC07756 DSC07757 DSC07758 DSC07759
DSC07761 DSC07762 DSC07763 DSC07764
DSC07768 DSC07770 DSC07773 DSC07776
DSC07777 DSC07778 DSC07781 DSC07782
DSC07783 DSC07790 DSC07792 DSC07816
DSC07819 DSC07821 DSC07822 DSC07823
DSC07824 DSC07827 DSC07831 DSC07834
DSC07835 DSC07836 DSC07838 DSC07839
DSC07840 DSC07845 DSC07867 DSC07868
DSC07873 DSC07874 DSC07875 DSC07882
DSC07883 DSC07886 DSC07909 DSC07914
DSC07916 DSC07918 DSC07935 DSC07936
DSC07939 DSC07941 DSC07942 DSC07943

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