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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 5, 2014 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC07708 DSC07710 DSC07712 DSC07713
DSC07715 DSC07716 DSC07717 DSC07718
DSC07719 DSC07720 DSC07722 DSC07723
DSC07724 DSC07725 DSC07726 DSC07727
DSC07728 DSC07729 DSC07730 DSC07731
DSC07732 DSC07733 DSC07734 DSC07736
DSC07738 DSC07739 DSC07795 DSC07796
DSC07797 DSC07802 DSC07803 DSC07805
DSC07807 DSC07808 DSC07809 DSC07810
DSC07811 DSC07812 DSC07813 DSC07814
DSC07815 DSC07848 DSC07849 DSC07852
DSC07853 DSC07854 DSC07856 DSC07858
DSC07859 DSC07861 DSC07862 DSC07864
DSC07888 DSC07891 DSC07893 DSC07894
DSC07895 DSC07897 DSC07898 DSC07899
DSC07900 DSC07902 DSC07903 DSC07904
DSC07905 DSC07906 DSC07908 DSC07919
DSC07921 DSC07922 DSC07924 DSC07925
DSC07926 DSC07927 DSC07928 DSC07929
DSC07930 DSC07931 DSC07932 DSC07933
DSC07934 DSC07945 DSC07946 DSC07948
DSC07950 DSC07951 DSC07953 DSC07954
DSC07955 DSC07956 DSC07957 DSC07958
DSC07959 DSC07960

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