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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 12, 2014 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC07967 DSC07968 DSC07969 DSC07970
DSC07971 DSC07973 DSC07974 DSC07975
DSC07976 DSC07977 DSC07978 DSC07979
DSC07980 DSC07981 DSC07982 DSC07983
DSC07984 DSC07985 DSC07986 DSC07987
DSC07988 DSC07989 DSC07990 DSC07991
DSC07992 DSC07993 DSC07994 DSC07995
DSC07996 DSC07997 DSC07998 DSC07999
DSC08000 DSC08001 DSC08002 DSC08003
DSC08004 DSC08005 DSC08006 DSC08007
DSC08008 DSC08009 DSC08010 DSC08011
DSC08012 DSC08013 DSC08014 DSC08015
DSC08017 DSC08019 DSC08022 DSC08023
DSC08025 DSC08026 DSC08027 DSC08028
DSC08029 DSC08031 DSC08032 DSC08034
DSC08035 DSC08036 DSC08037 DSC08038
DSC08039 DSC08040 DSC08041 DSC08042
DSC08043 DSC08044 DSC08045 DSC08046
DSC08047 DSC08048 DSC08049 DSC08050
DSC08051 DSC08052 DSC08053 DSC08054
DSC08055 DSC08056 DSC08058 DSC08059
DSC08060 DSC08061 DSC08062 DSC08063
DSC08064 DSC08065 DSC08066 DSC08067
DSC08068 DSC08069 DSC08070 DSC08071
DSC08072 DSC08073 DSC08074 DSC08075
DSC08076 DSC08077 DSC08078 DSC08079
DSC08080 DSC08081 DSC08082 DSC08083
DSC08085 DSC08087 DSC08088 DSC08089
DSC08090 DSC08092 DSC08093 DSC08094
DSC08095 DSC08096 DSC08099 DSC08100
DSC08101 DSC08108 DSC08117 DSC08127
DSC08129 DSC08130 DSC08131 DSC08132
DSC08133 DSC08136 DSC08138 DSC08140
DSC08141 DSC08142 DSC08143 DSC08145
DSC08153 DSC08154 DSC08161 DSC08162
DSC08164 DSC08165 DSC08167 DSC08169
DSC08173 DSC08175 DSC08176 DSC08177
DSC08180 DSC08181 DSC08183 DSC08186
DSC08188 DSC08189 DSC08190 DSC08198
DSC08201 DSC08206 DSC08209 DSC08210
DSC08211 DSC08213 DSC08216 DSC08219
DSC08220 DSC08221 DSC08222 DSC08223
DSC08224 DSC08226 DSC08228 DSC08236
DSC08238 DSC08240 DSC08241 DSC08244
DSC08247 DSC08250 DSC08251 DSC08252
DSC08264 DSC08265 DSC08272 DSC08273
DSC08275 DSC08276 DSC08279 DSC08282
DSC08294 DSC08295 DSC08296 DSC08327
DSC08329 DSC08330 DSC08331 DSC08332
DSC08335 DSC08337 DSC08338 DSC08339
DSC08340 DSC08341 DSC08342 DSC08343
DSC08344 DSC08345 DSC08348 DSC08349
DSC08350 DSC08351 DSC08356 DSC08358
DSC08361 DSC08362 DSC08364 DSC08365
DSC08368 DSC08370 DSC08371 DSC08372
DSC08374 DSC08375 DSC08377 DSC08378
DSC08379 DSC08381 DSC08382 DSC08383
DSC08393 DSC08395 DSC08396 DSC08401
DSC08404 DSC08405 DSC08426 DSC08431
DSC08477 DSC08506 DSC08518 DSC08528
DSC08585 DSC08587 DSC08588 DSC08590

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