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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 12, 2014 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC08300 DSC08301 DSC08302 DSC08304
DSC08305 DSC08306 DSC08308 DSC08309
DSC08310 DSC08311 DSC08312 DSC08313
DSC08314 DSC08315 DSC08316 DSC08317
DSC08318 DSC08319 DSC08320 DSC08321
DSC08322 DSC08432 DSC08433 DSC08438
DSC08439 DSC08440 DSC08441 DSC08442
DSC08443 DSC08444 DSC08446 DSC08447
DSC08448 DSC08449 DSC08450 DSC08451
DSC08452 DSC08453 DSC08455 DSC08457
DSC08459 DSC08483 DSC08486 DSC08488
DSC08489 DSC08490 DSC08491 DSC08492
DSC08494 DSC08495 DSC08497 DSC08498
DSC08499 DSC08500 DSC08502 DSC08504
DSC08529 DSC08532 DSC08535 DSC08536
DSC08540 DSC08541 DSC08542 DSC08544
DSC08545 DSC08546 DSC08557 DSC08558
DSC08559 DSC08561 DSC08562 DSC08563
DSC08564 DSC08565 DSC08566 DSC08568
DSC08569 DSC08570 DSC08571 DSC08572
DSC08576 DSC08577 DSC08579 DSC08582
DSC08584 DSC08593 DSC08595 DSC08596
DSC08597 DSC08599 DSC08600 DSC08601
DSC08602 DSC08603 DSC08604 DSC08605
DSC08606 DSC08607 DSC08608 DSC08611

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