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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 9, 2014 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC08789 DSC08791 DSC08792 DSC08793
DSC08794 DSC08795 DSC08796 DSC08797
DSC08798 DSC08799 DSC08800 DSC08801
DSC08802 DSC08803 DSC08804 DSC08805
DSC08806 DSC08807 DSC08808 DSC08809
DSC08810 DSC08811 DSC08812 DSC08813
DSC08814 DSC08815 DSC08816 DSC08817
DSC08818 DSC08820 DSC08822 DSC08823
DSC08824 DSC08825 DSC08826 DSC08827
DSC08828 DSC08829 DSC08830 DSC08831
DSC08832 DSC08833 DSC08834 DSC08835
DSC08836 DSC08837 DSC08838 DSC08839
DSC08840 DSC08841 DSC08842 DSC08843
DSC08844 DSC08846 DSC08847 DSC08848
DSC08849 DSC08850 DSC08851 DSC08852
DSC08853 DSC08855 DSC08856 DSC08857
DSC08858 DSC08859 DSC08860 DSC08861
DSC08862 DSC08863 DSC08864 DSC08865
DSC08866 DSC08867 DSC08869 DSC08870
DSC08871 DSC08872 DSC08873 DSC08874
DSC08875 DSC08876 DSC08877 DSC08878
DSC08879 DSC08880 DSC08881 DSC08882
DSC08883 DSC08884 DSC08885 DSC08886
DSC08887 DSC08888 DSC08889 DSC08890
DSC08891 DSC08892 DSC08893 DSC08894
DSC08895 DSC08896 DSC08897 DSC08898
DSC08899 DSC08900 DSC08902 DSC08903
DSC08904 DSC08907 DSC08910 DSC08911
DSC08912 DSC08913 DSC08914 DSC08915
DSC08916 DSC08917 DSC08918 DSC08919
DSC08920 DSC08921 DSC08923 DSC08924
DSC08925 DSC08926 DSC08928 DSC08930
DSC08932 DSC08933 DSC08934 DSC08935
DSC08937 DSC08938 DSC08940 DSC08941
DSC08943 DSC08946 DSC08948 DSC08949
DSC08950 DSC08951 DSC08952 DSC08953
DSC08954 DSC08955 DSC08957 DSC08958
DSC08959 DSC08960 DSC08961 DSC08962
DSC08963 DSC08964 DSC08966 DSC08967
DSC08968 DSC08969 DSC08970 DSC08973
DSC08975 DSC08976 DSC08977 DSC08978
DSC08980 DSC08982 DSC08985 DSC08988
DSC08993 DSC08994 DSC08995 DSC09005
DSC09006 DSC09009 DSC09010 DSC09011
DSC09015 DSC09016 DSC09019 DSC09024
DSC09025 DSC09027 DSC09029 DSC09032
DSC09034 DSC09037 DSC09039 DSC09041
DSC09045 DSC09046 DSC09048 DSC09053
DSC09054 DSC09056 DSC09057 DSC09059
DSC09064 DSC09068 DSC09069 DSC09070
DSC09071 DSC09072 DSC09073 DSC09074
DSC09076 DSC09078 DSC09079 DSC09080
DSC09081 DSC09082 DSC09083 DSC09085
DSC09086 DSC09087 DSC09088 DSC09090
DSC09093 DSC09094 DSC09095 DSC09096
DSC09098 DSC09099 DSC09106 DSC09107
DSC09109 DSC09110 DSC09112 DSC09114
DSC09115 DSC09117 DSC09118 DSC09119
DSC09126 DSC09127 DSC09128 DSC09129
DSC09131 DSC09132 DSC09134 DSC09135
DSC09136 DSC09139 DSC09140 DSC09143
DSC09144 DSC09145 DSC09150 DSC09151
DSC09152 DSC09155 DSC09156 DSC09157
DSC09159 DSC09160 DSC09161 DSC09163
DSC09165 DSC09166 DSC09167 DSC09168
DSC09169 DSC09170 DSC09171 DSC09172
DSC09173 DSC09175 DSC09176 DSC09179
DSC09181 DSC09182 DSC09183 DSC09213
DSC09214 DSC09216 DSC09217 DSC09218
DSC09220 DSC09240 DSC09241 DSC09242
DSC09245 DSC09246 DSC09251 DSC09284
DSC09294 DSC09301 DSC09304 DSC09361
DSC09362 DSC09364 DSC09365 DSC09394
DSC09398 DSC09399 DSC09404 DSC09406
DSC09407 DSC09409 DSC09410 DSC09411
DSC09416 DSC09449 DSC09463 DSC09499
DSC09500 DSC09502 DSC09503 DSC09504
DSC09505 DSC09524 DSC09527

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