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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 9, 2014 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC09185 DSC09186 DSC09190 DSC09194
DSC09197 DSC09199 DSC09201 DSC09202
DSC09204 DSC09205 DSC09206 DSC09207
DSC09208 DSC09210 DSC09222 DSC09223
DSC09226 DSC09229 DSC09230 DSC09231
DSC09233 DSC09235 DSC09237 DSC09238
DSC09253 DSC09255 DSC09259 DSC09262
DSC09264 DSC09265 DSC09268 DSC09272
DSC09273 DSC09274 DSC09275 DSC09276
DSC09277 DSC09278 DSC09280 DSC09281
DSC09322 DSC09323 DSC09332 DSC09335
DSC09342 DSC09343 DSC09345 DSC09346
DSC09347 DSC09352 DSC09353 DSC09355
DSC09356 DSC09358 DSC09417 DSC09418
DSC09419 DSC09421 DSC09425 DSC09428
DSC09429 DSC09430 DSC09431 DSC09433
DSC09434 DSC09436 DSC09437 DSC09438
DSC09467 DSC09469 DSC09474 DSC09477
DSC09478 DSC09479 DSC09483 DSC09484
DSC09485 DSC09490 DSC09492 DSC09495
DSC09530 DSC09532 DSC09534 DSC09537
DSC09538 DSC09539 DSC09540 DSC09544
DSC09550 DSC09551 DSC09552 DSC09553
DSC09557 DSC09560

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