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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 16, 2014 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC09732 DSC09735 DSC09736 DSC09738
DSC09740 DSC09742 DSC09744 DSC09746
DSC09748 DSC09754 DSC09756 DSC09757
DSC09759 DSC09763 DSC09764 DSC09767
DSC09774 DSC09777 DSC09781 DSC09782
DSC09785 DSC09786 DSC09788 DSC09791
DSC09792 DSC09794 DSC09797 DSC09799
DSC09800 DSC09802 DSC09803 DSC09804
DSC09807 DSC09808 DSC09811 DSC09813
DSC09815 DSC09818 DSC09821 DSC09823
DSC09824 DSC09826 DSC09829 DSC09831
DSC09834 DSC09836 DSC09839 DSC09840
DSC09843 DSC09844 DSC09847 DSC09849
DSC09851 DSC09854 DSC09857 DSC09858
DSC09862 DSC09863 DSC09865 DSC09868
DSC09869 DSC09871 DSC09874 DSC09875
DSC09877 DSC09880 DSC09882 DSC09884
DSC09885 DSC09886 DSC09887 DSC09891
DSC09894 DSC09895 DSC09897 DSC09901
DSC09903 DSC09905 DSC09910 DSC09911
DSC09913 DSC09916 DSC09918 DSC09920
DSC09922 DSC09923 DSC09925 DSC09927
DSC09929 DSC09931 DSC09932 DSC09934
DSC09938 DSC09939 DSC09945 DSC09947
DSC09948 DSC09956 DSC09958 DSC09959
DSC09963 DSC09965 DSC09966 DSC09969
DSC09971 DSC09973 DSC09974 DSC09980
DSC09981 DSC09982 DSC09985 DSC09990
DSC09991 DSC09998 SC00011 SC00014
SC00019 SC00020 SC00024 SC00025
SC00026 SC00028 SC00029 SC00030
SC00035 SC00036 SC00038 SC00040
SC00041 SC00043 SC00044 SC00045
SC00047 SC00048 SC00049 SC00050
SC00051 SC00054 SC00057 SC00059
SC00062 SC00063 SC00065 SC00066
SC00067 SC00069 SC00070 SC00078
SC00079 SC00081 SC00083 SC00084
SC00088 SC00094 SC00096 SC00101
SC00102 SC00103 SC00106 SC00107
SC00108 SC00109 SC00110 SC00111
SC00112 SC00116 SC00118 SC00119
SC00121 SC00122 SC00126 SC00128
SC00129 SC00130 SC00131 SC00132
SC00133 SC00134 SC00136 SC00137
SC00138 SC00168 SC00172 SC00183
SC00185 SC00187 SC00191 SC00218
SC00219 SC00224 SC00225 SC00230
SC00232 SC00235 SC00249 SC00252
SC00253 SC00254 SC00255 SC00258
SC00271 SC00273 SC00342 SC00343
SC00344 SC00357 SC00383 SC00386
SC00387 SC00389 SC00390 SC00392
SC00393 SC00396 SC00397

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