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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 30, 2014 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC01320 DSC01321 DSC01323 DSC01326
DSC01328 DSC01330 DSC01332 DSC01334
DSC01336 DSC01339 DSC01340 DSC01343
DSC01345 DSC01346 DSC01348 DSC01350
DSC01353 DSC01354 DSC01357 DSC01359
DSC01360 DSC01363 DSC01364 DSC01366
DSC01369 DSC01370 DSC01373 DSC01374
DSC01376 DSC01377 DSC01380 DSC01382
DSC01383 DSC01385 DSC01388 DSC01390
DSC01391 DSC01394 DSC01396 DSC01397
DSC01400 DSC01403 DSC01409 DSC01412
DSC01415 DSC01418 DSC01423 DSC01428
DSC01430 DSC01431 DSC01433 DSC01436
DSC01438 DSC01440 DSC01442 DSC01443
DSC01445 DSC01447 DSC01449 DSC01452
DSC01453 DSC01456 DSC01458 DSC01459
DSC01462 DSC01463 DSC01465 DSC01468
DSC01470 DSC01471 DSC01473 DSC01475
DSC01477 DSC01479 DSC01481 DSC01483
DSC01485 DSC01487 DSC01489 DSC01491
DSC01494 DSC01496 DSC01498 DSC01502
DSC01503 DSC01506 DSC01507 DSC01509
DSC01510 DSC01513 DSC01514 DSC01517
DSC01518 DSC01520 DSC01523 DSC01524
DSC01525 DSC01529 DSC01531 DSC01533
DSC01536 DSC01537 DSC01540 DSC01542
DSC01543 DSC01545 DSC01546 DSC01551
DSC01552 DSC01555 DSC01556 DSC01559
DSC01561 DSC01563 DSC01564 DSC01567
DSC01568 DSC01572 DSC01574 DSC01576
DSC01579 DSC01581 DSC01582 DSC01586
DSC01588 DSC01590 DSC01593 DSC01594
DSC01596 DSC01598 DSC01599 DSC01602
DSC01604 DSC01606 DSC01609 DSC01610
DSC01612 DSC01614 DSC01615 DSC01617
DSC01618 DSC01621 DSC01622 DSC01625
DSC01627 DSC01628 DSC01632 DSC01633
DSC01638 DSC01640 DSC01641 DSC01644
DSC01645 DSC01647 DSC01650 DSC01654
DSC01656 DSC01657 DSC01660 DSC01662
DSC01663 DSC01666 DSC01668 DSC01670
DSC01671 DSC01676 DSC01677 DSC01679
DSC01681 DSC01684 DSC01687 DSC01689
DSC01692 DSC01693 DSC01698 DSC01702
DSC01704 DSC01705 DSC01707 DSC01709
DSC01712 DSC01715 DSC01722 DSC01724
DSC01726 DSC01729 DSC01730 DSC01742
DSC01743 DSC01744 DSC01747 DSC01753
DSC01754 DSC01756 DSC01759 DSC01760
DSC01762 DSC01763 DSC01764 DSC01766
DSC01767 DSC01768 DSC01769 DSC01770
DSC01776 DSC01777 DSC01778 DSC01779
DSC01780 DSC01782 DSC01784 DSC01785
DSC01786 DSC01790 DSC01791 DSC01796
DSC01802 DSC01803 DSC01804 DSC01805
DSC01806 DSC01807 DSC01808 DSC01809
DSC01814 DSC01818 DSC01822 DSC01825
DSC01828 DSC01863 DSC01865 DSC01866
DSC01868 DSC01890 DSC01895 DSC01896
DSC01950 DSC01951 DSC01952 DSC01956
DSC01957 DSC01959 DSC01961 DSC01963
DSC01967 DSC01968 DSC01970 DSC01971
DSC01974 DSC01982 DSC02018 DSC02023
DSC02029 DSC02031 DSC02070 DSC02071
DSC02073 DSC02074 DSC02077 DSC02079
DSC02080 DSC02087 DSC02109 DSC02110
DSC02112 DSC02114 DSC02115 DSC02117
DSC02118 DSC02124 DSC02128 DSC02129
DSC02131 DSC02147 DSC02182 DSC02194
DSC02195 DSC02196

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