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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
Pittsburgher 26 - Herb Scott Memorial
September 14, 2014 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC04067 DSC04068 DSC04070 DSC04076
DSC04081 DSC04083 DSC04115 DSC04118
DSC04085 DSC04087 DSC04089 DSC04091
DSC04095 DSC04097 DSC04099 DSC04101
DSC04103 DSC04108 DSC04110 DSC04112
DSC04113 DSC04120 DSC04121 DSC04124
DSC04126 DSC04129 DSC04132 DSC04135
DSC04138 DSC04139 DSC04140 DSC04141
DSC04142 DSC04143 DSC04144 DSC04145
DSC04147 DSC04148 DSC04149 DSC04150
DSC04151 DSC04152 DSC04153 DSC04154
DSC04155 DSC04156 DSC04157 DSC04158
DSC04159 DSC04160 DSC04161 DSC04163
DSC04164 DSC04166 DSC04167 DSC04168
DSC04169 DSC04170 DSC04171 DSC04172
DSC04173 DSC04174 DSC04175 DSC04176
DSC04177 DSC04178 DSC04179 DSC04180
DSC04181 DSC04183 DSC04184 DSC04185
DSC04186 DSC04187 DSC04188 DSC04190
DSC04192 DSC04193 DSC04194 DSC04195
DSC04196 DSC04197 DSC04198 DSC04199
DSC04200 DSC04201 DSC04202 DSC04203
DSC04204 DSC04205 DSC04206 DSC04208
DSC04209 DSC04210 DSC04211 DSC04212
DSC04214 DSC04215 DSC04216 DSC04217
DSC04218 DSC04219 DSC04220 DSC04221
DSC04222 DSC04223 DSC04224 DSC04225
DSC04227 DSC04228 DSC04229 DSC04230
DSC04231 DSC04232 DSC04233 DSC04234
DSC04235 DSC04236 DSC04237 DSC04238
DSC04239 DSC04240 DSC04242 DSC04243
DSC04244 DSC04248 DSC04252 DSC04254
DSC04256 DSC04258 DSC04260 DSC04262
DSC04263 DSC04265 DSC04267 DSC04271
DSC04274 DSC04276 DSC04278 DSC04281
DSC04282 DSC04285 DSC04286 DSC04290
DSC04292 DSC04294 DSC04298 DSC04303
DSC04306 DSC04308 DSC04309 DSC04311
DSC04312 DSC04316 DSC04318 DSC04320
DSC04321 DSC04323 DSC04325 DSC04329
DSC04330 DSC04332 DSC04403 DSC04404
DSC04408 DSC04410 DSC04414 DSC04415
DSC04416 DSC04421 DSC04424 DSC04425
DSC04428 DSC04430 DSC04431 DSC04433
DSC04435 DSC04440 DSC04442 DSC04444
DSC04448 DSC04449 DSC04451 DSC04453
DSC04456 DSC04461 DSC04465 DSC04473
DSC04474 DSC04475 DSC04476 DSC04484
DSC04486 DSC04493 DSC04494 DSC04498
DSC04500 DSC04501 DSC04505 DSC04506
DSC04507 DSC04508 DSC04510 DSC04512
DSC04519 DSC04525 DSC04528 DSC04557
DSC04558 DSC04560 DSC04561 DSC04566
DSC04575 DSC04586 DSC04596 DSC04598

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