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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
September 27, 2014
Action & Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC04676 DSC04678 DSC04682 DSC04683
DSC04686 DSC04688 DSC04691 DSC04693
DSC04698 DSC04700 DSC04703 DSC04706
DSC04709 DSC04711 DSC04713 DSC04715
DSC04718 DSC04720 DSC04722 DSC04724
DSC04726 DSC04728 DSC04731 DSC04732
DSC04734 DSC04737 DSC04739 DSC04741
DSC04742 DSC04744 DSC04747 DSC04749
DSC04752 DSC04753 DSC04755 DSC04757
DSC04758 DSC04762 DSC04764 DSC04766
DSC04768 DSC04770 DSC04772 DSC04776
DSC04778 DSC04781 DSC04783 DSC04786
DSC04787 DSC04789 DSC04792 DSC04793
DSC04798 DSC04800 DSC04802 DSC04806
DSC04807 DSC04809 DSC04812 DSC04813
DSC04815 DSC04817 DSC04820 DSC04821
DSC04826 DSC04828 DSC04829 DSC04831
DSC04833 DSC04838 DSC04841 DSC04843
DSC04844 DSC04847 DSC04853 DSC04855
DSC04857 DSC04858 DSC04860 DSC04862
DSC04865 DSC04866 DSC04871 DSC04872
DSC04873 DSC04874 DSC04875 DSC04877
DSC04880 DSC04891 DSC04892 DSC04896
DSC04898 DSC04899 DSC04900 DSC04901
DSC04902 DSC04904 DSC04906 DSC04907
DSC04908 DSC04914 DSC04915 DSC04916
DSC04918 DSC04920 DSC04927 DSC04930
DSC04932 DSC04937 DSC04944 DSC04945
DSC04946 DSC04952 DSC04953 DSC04957
DSC04958 DSC04961 DSC04962 DSC04963
DSC04972 DSC04974 DSC04978 DSC04980
DSC04981 DSC04983 DSC04985 DSC04986
DSC04987 DSC04989 DSC04990 DSC04991
DSC04995 DSC05001 DSC05002 DSC05005
DSC05011 DSC05012 DSC05015 DSC05016
DSC05019 DSC05024 DSC05034 DSC05036
DSC05039 DSC05040 DSC05042 DSC05043
DSC05044 DSC05045 DSC05046 DSC05048
DSC05049 DSC05052 DSC05053 DSC05054
DSC05055 DSC05058 DSC05062 DSC05063
DSC05065 DSC05066 DSC05067 DSC05068
DSC05069 DSC05070 DSC05072 DSC05074
DSC05075 DSC05076 DSC05077 DSC05078
DSC05079 DSC05081 DSC05084 DSC05086
DSC05088 DSC05089 DSC05090 DSC05094
DSC05095 DSC05096 DSC05097 DSC05098
DSC05102 DSC05103 DSC05104 DSC05106
DSC05109 DSC05110 DSC05111 DSC05116
DSC05117 DSC05118 DSC05119 DSC05120
DSC05123 DSC05127 DSC05128 DSC05130
DSC05133 DSC05134 DSC05135 DSC05139
DSC05141 DSC05142 DSC05147 DSC05148
DSC05149 DSC05151 DSC05152 DSC05155
DSC05156 DSC05157 DSC05158 DSC05160
DSC05165 DSC05176 DSC05177 DSC05178
DSC05179 DSC05185 DSC05190 DSC05192
DSC05193 DSC05200 DSC05201 DSC05211
DSC05212 DSC05216 DSC05217 DSC05218
DSC05219 DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05225
DSC05226 DSC05228 DSC05233 DSC05236
DSC05237 DSC05242 DSC05243 DSC05244
DSC05246 DSC05253 DSC05254 DSC05255
DSC05261 DSC05266

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