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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
April 18, 2015 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC08189 DSC08190 DSC08195 DSC08201
DSC08205 DSC08208 DSC08210 DSC08212
DSC08215 DSC08216 DSC08219 DSC08220
DSC08222 DSC08227 DSC08229 DSC08232
DSC08233 DSC08236 DSC08238 DSC08247
DSC08248 DSC08250 DSC08253 DSC08254
DSC08256 DSC08258 DSC08260 DSC08262
DSC08266 DSC08269 DSC08272 DSC08276
DSC08278 DSC08283 DSC08285 DSC08286
DSC08288 DSC08290 DSC08292 DSC08294
DSC08296 DSC08298 DSC08300 DSC08302
DSC08305 DSC08307 DSC08311 DSC08313
DSC08314 DSC08318 DSC08321 DSC08323
DSC08324 DSC08327 DSC08328 DSC08330
DSC08332 DSC08334 DSC08335 DSC08337
DSC08340 DSC08341 DSC08343 DSC08345
DSC08347 DSC08349 DSC08351 DSC08353
DSC08356 DSC08358 DSC08360 DSC08362
DSC08364 DSC08366 DSC08368 DSC08370
DSC08374 DSC08375 DSC08378 DSC08379
DSC08381 DSC08390 DSC08398 DSC08400
DSC08401 DSC08407 DSC08412 DSC08413
DSC08414 DSC08415 DSC08425 DSC08426
DSC08427 DSC08433 DSC08435 DSC08440
DSC08441 DSC08442 DSC08443 DSC08444
DSC08446 DSC08448 DSC08449 DSC08450
DSC08451 DSC08455 DSC08458 DSC08459
DSC08463 DSC08468 DSC08470 DSC08472
DSC08475 DSC08476 DSC08478 DSC08479
DSC08480 DSC08481 DSC08482 DSC08483
DSC08484 DSC08485 DSC08486 DSC08487
DSC08489 DSC08490 DSC08491 DSC08493
DSC08494 DSC08495 DSC08496 DSC08497
DSC08524 DSC08525 DSC08526 DSC08531
DSC08532 DSC08533 DSC08534 DSC08538
DSC08547 DSC08550 DSC08552 DSC08556
DSC08561 DSC08565 DSC08570 DSC08572
DSC08573 DSC08574 DSC08576 DSC08577
DSC08600 DSC08601 DSC08608 DSC08613
DSC08616 DSC08618 DSC08620 DSC08630
DSC08657 DSC08658 DSC08664 DSC08669
DSC08671 DSC08679

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