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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
May 2, 2015 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC08701 DSC08703 DSC08705 DSC08712
DSC08714 DSC08716 DSC08718 DSC08721
DSC08723 DSC08726 DSC08728 DSC08731
DSC08732 DSC08734 DSC08737 DSC08739
DSC08740 DSC08743 DSC08745 DSC08747
DSC08748 DSC08752 DSC08754 DSC08755
DSC08759 DSC08763 DSC08766 DSC08767
DSC08770 DSC08772 DSC08775 DSC08782
DSC08784 DSC08790 DSC08795 DSC08801
DSC08804 DSC08807 DSC08808 DSC08810
DSC08811 DSC08814 DSC08815 DSC08817
DSC08820 DSC08822 DSC08823 DSC08825
DSC08827 DSC08830 DSC08831 DSC08836
DSC08840 DSC08842 DSC08843 DSC08845
DSC08848 DSC08850 DSC08851 DSC08854
DSC08857 DSC08859 DSC08860 DSC08862
DSC08865 DSC08867 DSC08868 DSC08869
DSC08872 DSC08873 DSC08874 DSC08876
DSC08878 DSC08881 DSC08884 DSC08885
DSC08887 DSC08889 DSC08890 DSC08892
DSC08895 DSC08897 DSC08900 DSC08902
DSC08907 DSC08908 DSC08910 DSC08912
DSC08915 DSC08917 DSC08919 DSC08920
DSC08922 DSC08924 DSC08926 DSC08928
DSC08930 DSC08931 DSC08933 DSC08935
DSC08941 DSC08945 DSC08946 DSC08947
DSC08951 DSC08952 DSC08955 DSC08959
DSC08961 DSC08969 DSC08970 DSC08973
DSC08976 DSC08978 DSC08986 DSC08990
DSC08991 DSC08993 DSC08995 DSC08999
DSC09001 DSC09005 DSC09007 DSC09009
DSC09011 DSC09013 DSC09014 DSC09016
DSC09019 DSC09021 DSC09022 DSC09023
DSC09026 DSC09027 DSC09029 DSC09032
DSC09035 DSC09036 DSC09038 DSC09041
DSC09042 DSC09045 DSC09047 DSC09049
DSC09050 DSC09053 DSC09058 DSC09059
DSC09061 DSC09064 DSC09071 DSC09074
DSC09080 DSC09082 DSC09085 DSC09086
DSC09087 DSC09095 DSC09096 DSC09102
DSC09103 DSC09107 DSC09111 DSC09114
DSC09117 DSC09119 DSC09120 DSC09123
DSC09125 DSC09126 DSC09128 DSC09129
DSC09133 DSC09134 DSC09138 DSC09141
DSC09144 DSC09146 DSC09148 DSC09150
DSC09152 DSC09154 DSC09187 DSC09189
DSC09206 DSC09207 DSC09215 DSC09221
DSC09248 DSC09251 DSC09253 DSC09255
DSC09258 DSC09263 DSC09280 DSC09281
DSC09282 DSC09285

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