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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 8, 2015 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC06677 DSC06679 DSC06680 DSC06682
DSC06685 DSC06686 DSC06689 DSC06690
DSC06692 DSC06697 DSC06699 DSC06700
DSC06703 DSC06704 DSC06707 DSC06708
DSC06710 DSC06712 DSC06714 DSC06717
DSC06719 DSC06721 DSC06723 DSC06726
DSC06728 DSC06731 DSC06733 DSC06734
DSC06736 DSC06738 DSC06740 DSC06742
DSC06745 DSC06746 DSC06749 DSC06751
DSC06753 DSC06754 DSC06756 DSC06758
DSC06761 DSC06764 DSC06766 DSC06769
DSC06771 DSC06773 DSC06774 DSC06776
DSC06779 DSC06780 DSC06783 DSC06785
DSC06787 DSC06789 DSC06792 DSC06793
DSC06795 DSC06797 DSC06799 DSC06802
DSC06803 DSC06805 DSC06806 DSC06807
DSC06811 DSC06813 DSC06816 DSC06817
DSC06820 DSC06821 DSC06823 DSC06825
DSC06828 DSC06833 DSC06836 DSC06837
DSC06838 DSC06841 DSC06843 DSC06846
DSC06848 DSC06850 DSC06852 DSC06854
DSC06856 DSC06862 DSC06863 DSC06866
DSC06867 DSC06869 DSC06871 DSC06874
DSC06877 DSC06879 DSC06881 DSC06883
DSC06886 DSC06889 DSC06891 DSC06893
DSC06895 DSC06897 DSC06901 DSC06903
DSC06905 DSC06908 DSC06909 DSC06913
DSC06915 DSC06918 DSC06920 DSC06922
DSC06925 DSC06927 DSC06931 DSC06933
DSC06935 DSC06937 DSC06939 DSC06941
DSC06943 DSC06945 DSC06948 DSC06952
DSC06963 DSC06965 DSC06968 DSC06970
DSC06971 DSC06973 DSC06975 DSC06977
DSC06982 DSC06985 DSC06986 DSC07000
DSC07001 DSC07003 DSC07004 DSC07006
DSC07008 DSC07010 DSC07012 DSC07013
DSC07015 DSC07017 DSC07019 DSC07021
DSC07023 DSC07024 DSC07028 DSC07031
DSC07061 DSC07063 DSC07065 DSC07066
DSC07067 DSC07068 DSC07069 DSC07070
DSC07072 DSC07075 DSC07078 DSC07079
DSC07081 DSC07082 DSC07083 DSC07087
DSC07089 DSC07090 DSC07091 DSC07094
DSC07095 DSC07096 DSC07097 DSC07099
DSC07102 DSC07103 DSC07104 DSC07105
DSC07106 DSC07107 DSC07108 DSC07109
DSC07110 DSC07113 DSC07114 DSC07115
DSC07116 DSC07118 DSC07120 DSC07121
DSC07122 DSC07125 DSC07126 DSC07127
DSC07129 DSC07130 DSC07131 DSC07132
DSC07133 DSC07135 DSC07136 DSC07137
DSC07138 DSC07139 DSC07141 DSC07142
DSC07143 DSC07144 DSC07145 DSC07146
DSC07148 DSC07149 DSC07150 DSC07151
DSC07153 DSC07154 DSC07155 DSC07156
DSC07157 DSC07158 DSC07159 DSC07165
DSC07166 DSC07171 DSC07172 DSC07178
DSC07179 DSC07182 DSC07183 DSC07184
DSC07188 DSC07189 DSC07193 DSC07198
DSC07201 DSC07202 DSC07203 DSC07205
DSC07208 DSC07209 DSC07237 DSC07238
DSC07239 DSC07242 DSC07244 DSC07245
DSC07250 DSC07272 DSC07274 DSC07276
DSC07279 DSC07280 DSC07282 DSC07283
DSC07284 DSC07285 DSC07286 DSC07289
DSC07291 DSC07292 DSC07293 DSC07294
DSC07295 DSC07296 DSC07298 DSC07299
DSC07300 DSC07301 DSC07302 DSC07303
DSC07328 DSC07376 DSC07377 DSC07384
DSC07385 DSC07387 DSC07443 DSC07450
DSC07451 DSC07453 DSC07456 DSC07458
DSC07461 DSC07464 DSC07469 DSC07473
DSC07477 DSC07522 DSC07524 DSC07546
DSC07547 DSC07548 DSC07549 DSC07550
DSC07551 DSC07552 DSC07553 DSC07554

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