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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 27, 2015 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC09140 DSC09142 DSC09144 DSC09147
DSC09148 DSC09151 DSC09152 DSC09155
DSC09156 DSC09157 DSC09160 DSC09161
DSC09163 DSC09165 DSC09168 DSC09169
DSC09172 DSC09175 DSC09177 DSC09179
DSC09181 DSC09182 DSC09185 DSC09186
DSC09188 DSC09191 DSC09193 DSC09195
DSC09197 DSC09200 DSC09201 DSC09204
DSC09206 DSC09209 DSC09211 DSC09212
DSC09214 DSC09217 DSC09218 DSC09220
DSC09223 DSC09224 DSC09226 DSC09228
DSC09231 DSC09235 DSC09236 DSC09238
DSC09240 DSC09242 DSC09243 DSC09245
DSC09248 DSC09249 DSC09252 DSC09253
DSC09254 DSC09257 DSC09258 DSC09261
DSC09262 DSC09264 DSC09266 DSC09268
DSC09270 DSC09272 DSC09276 DSC09280
DSC09282 DSC09284 DSC09285 DSC09287
DSC09289 DSC09291 DSC09293 DSC09295
DSC09297 DSC09300 DSC09301 DSC09303
DSC09308 DSC09310 DSC09312 DSC09316
DSC09318 DSC09320 DSC09322 DSC09324
DSC09326 DSC09328 DSC09330 DSC09332
DSC09334 DSC09336 DSC09338 DSC09342
DSC09346 DSC09347 DSC09351 DSC09353
DSC09356 DSC09357 DSC09359 DSC09361
DSC09363 DSC09365 DSC09367 DSC09369
DSC09373 DSC09374 DSC09375 DSC09376
DSC09383 DSC09384 DSC09386 DSC09387
DSC09392 DSC09398 DSC09399 DSC09402
DSC09411 DSC09419 DSC09422 DSC09429
DSC09437 DSC09438 DSC09504 DSC09506
DSC09508 DSC09553 DSC09556 DSC09559
DSC09561 DSC09562 DSC09570 DSC09571
DSC09572 DSC09585 DSC09597 DSC09632
DSC09639 DSC09640 DSC09646 DSC09656
DSC09657 DSC09669 DSC09711 DSC09712
DSC09725 DSC09726 DSC09729

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