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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
October 10, 2015
Monster Truck Mania Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC01542 DSC01547 DSC01551 DSC01554
DSC01555 DSC01562 DSC01563 DSC01566
DSC01572 DSC01578 DSC01592 DSC01594
DSC01599 DSC01614 DSC01621 DSC01623
DSC01631 DSC01635 DSC01638 DSC01639
DSC01641 DSC01645 DSC01646 DSC01649
DSC01652 DSC01656 DSC01660 DSC01662
DSC01665 DSC01668 DSC01675 DSC01677
DSC01679 DSC01680 DSC01681 DSC01683
DSC01684 DSC01686 DSC01688 DSC01691
DSC01693 DSC01694 DSC01700 DSC01701
DSC01703 DSC01705 DSC01706 DSC01708
DSC01710 DSC01711 DSC01712 DSC01713
DSC01714 DSC01719 DSC01721 DSC01724
DSC01732 DSC01735 DSC01736 DSC01740
DSC01741 DSC01750 DSC01753 DSC01760
DSC01761 DSC01762 DSC01778 DSC01786
DSC01792 DSC01794 DSC01796 DSC01797
DSC01799 DSC01800 DSC01802 DSC01803
DSC01804 DSC01807 DSC01809 DSC01820
DSC01822 DSC01823 DSC01833 DSC01834
DSC01839 DSC01845 DSC01847 DSC01855
DSC01858 DSC01862 DSC01866 DSC01868
DSC01871 DSC01872 DSC01873 DSC01874
DSC01877 DSC01878 DSC01882 DSC01883
DSC01885 DSC01887 DSC01888 DSC01889
DSC01890 DSC01895 DSC01896 DSC01897
DSC01899 DSC01900 DSC01901 DSC01903
DSC01905 DSC01907 DSC01908 DSC01909
DSC01911 DSC01912 DSC01913 DSC01914
DSC01917 DSC01918 DSC01919 DSC01920
DSC01922 DSC01923 DSC01931 DSC01933
DSC01934 DSC01937 DSC01938 DSC01939
DSC01940 DSC01941 DSC01945 DSC01948
DSC01953 DSC01960 DSC01962 DSC01964
DSC01966 DSC01967 DSC01972 DSC01973
DSC01974 DSC01978 DSC01979 DSC01980
DSC01981 DSC01982 DSC01986 DSC01988
DSC01989 DSC01990 DSC01991 DSC01993
DSC01996 DSC01997 DSC01999 DSC02002
DSC02005 DSC02008 DSC02010 DSC02015

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