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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
May 28, 2016 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook/Twitter if remains on photo.
DSC03466 DSC03468 DSC03471 DSC03472
DSC03474 DSC03478 DSC03480 DSC03484
DSC03488 DSC03490 DSC03491 DSC03492
DSC03767 DSC03768 DSC03772 DSC03773
DSC03774 DSC03775 DSC03776 DSC03777
DSC03778 DSC03780 DSC03781 DSC03799
DSC03801 DSC03802 DSC03806 DSC03807
DSC03808 DSC03809 DSC03810 DSC03812
DSC03814 DSC03815 DSC03816 DSC03838
DSC03839 DSC03841 DSC03842 DSC03845
DSC03847 DSC03851 DSC03853 DSC03854
DSC03856 DSC03857 DSC03859 DSC03860
DSC03864 DSC03868 DSC03869 DSC03870
DSC03873 DSC03874 DSC03875 DSC03876
DSC03878 DSC03879 DSC03881 DSC03882
DSC03883 DSC03884 DSC03885 DSC03888
DSC03905 DSC03906 DSC03907 DSC03908
DSC03910 DSC03912 DSC03915 DSC03916
DSC03917 DSC03918 DSC03919

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