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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 16, 2016 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC09148 DSC09149 DSC09150 DSC09151
DSC09157 DSC09158 DSC09159 DSC09161
DSC09163 DSC09168 DSC09169 DSC09171
DSC09173 DSC09175 DSC09177 DSC09181
DSC09186 DSC09187 DSC09189 DSC09191
DSC09193 DSC09196 DSC09198 DSC09199
DSC09202 DSC09203 DSC09205 DSC09208
DSC09209 DSC09210 DSC09214 DSC09219
DSC09220 DSC09222 DSC09226 DSC09230
DSC09235 DSC09236 DSC09241 DSC09243
DSC09244 DSC09248 DSC09253 DSC09255
DSC09257 DSC09259 DSC09260 DSC09266
DSC09268 DSC09272 DSC09276 DSC09279
DSC09280 DSC09281 DSC09283 DSC09289
DSC09290 DSC09293 DSC09296 DSC09298
DSC09301 DSC09302 DSC09305 DSC09307
DSC09309 DSC09311 DSC09313 DSC09315
DSC09317 DSC09319 DSC09320 DSC09322
DSC09324 DSC09327 DSC09334 DSC09336
DSC09339 DSC09343 DSC09344 DSC09345
DSC09347 DSC09349 DSC09352 DSC09354
DSC09358 DSC09363 DSC09364 DSC09368
DSC09370 DSC09371 DSC09372 DSC09373
DSC09379 DSC09381 DSC09382 DSC09385
DSC09386 DSC09388 DSC09391 DSC09393
DSC09394 DSC09400 DSC09402 DSC09403
DSC09405 DSC09409 DSC09416 DSC09420
DSC09421 DSC09425 DSC09427 DSC09428
DSC09432 DSC09436 DSC09437 DSC09440
DSC09442 DSC09447 DSC09452 DSC09454
DSC09456 DSC09459 DSC09462 DSC09464
DSC09466 DSC09468 DSC09470 DSC09474
DSC09475 DSC09477 DSC09480 DSC09487
DSC09489 DSC09492 DSC09494 DSC09495
DSC09497 DSC09499 DSC09501 DSC09505
DSC09507 DSC09509 DSC09512 DSC09515
DSC09519 DSC09521 DSC09524 DSC09526
DSC09529 DSC09536 DSC09540 DSC09542
DSC09545 DSC09547 DSC09550 DSC09551
DSC09555 DSC09557 DSC09560 DSC09563
DSC09565 DSC09566 DSC09570 DSC09574
DSC09577 DSC09581 DSC09582 DSC09584
DSC09586 DSC09587 DSC09590 DSC09594
DSC09599 DSC09600 DSC09602 DSC09604
DSC09606 DSC09608 DSC09612 DSC09615
DSC09619 DSC09622 DSC09624 DSC09626
DSC09628 DSC09631 DSC09633 DSC09638
DSC09639 DSC09640 DSC09643 DSC09644
DSC09646 DSC09648 DSC09650 DSC09651
DSC09656 DSC09657 DSC09661 DSC09662
DSC09665 DSC09667 DSC09670 DSC09672
DSC09673 DSC09676 DSC09679 DSC09682
DSC09684 DSC09687 DSC09688 DSC09691
DSC09692 DSC09695 DSC09698 DSC09700
DSC09702 DSC09705 DSC09706 DSC09708
DSC09713 DSC09715 DSC09717 DSC09718
DSC09721 DSC09726 DSC09728 DSC09733
DSC09738 DSC09739 DSC09742 DSC09743
DSC09747 DSC09749 DSC09751 DSC09752
DSC09755 DSC09757 DSC09758 DSC09760
DSC09762 DSC09764 DSC09765 DSC09769
DSC09772 DSC09773 DSC09774 DSC09776
DSC09779 DSC09781 DSC09783 DSC09784
DSC09786 DSC09788 DSC09790 DSC09794
DSC09795 DSC09798 DSC09799 DSC09800
DSC09803 DSC09806 DSC09807 DSC09809
DSC09811 DSC09815 DSC09818 DSC09866
DSC09867 DSC09868 DSC09870 DSC09873
DSC09875 DSC09878 DSC09882 DSC09884
DSC09886 DSC09888 DSC09889 DSC09892
DSC09893 DSC09896 DSC09898 DSC09900
DSC09903 DSC09919 DSC09921 DSC09926
DSC09928 DSC09930 DSC09931 DSC09933
DSC09938 DSC09942 DSC09951 DSC09952
DSC09953 DSC09954 DSC09958 DSC09960
DSC09971 DSC09979 DSC09982 SC00017
SC00020 SC00021 SC00022 SC00023
SC00026 SC00031 SC00032 SC00033
SC00034 SC00041 SC00042 SC00043
SC00044 SC00079 SC00080 SC00081
SC00083 SC00089 SC00090 SC00091
SC00092 SC00095 SC00097 SC00099
SC00102 SC00106 SC00147 SC00154
SC00175 SC00177 SC00191 SC00193

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