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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 20, 2016 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC01647 DSC01649 DSC01651 DSC01653
DSC01655 DSC01657 DSC01660 DSC01661
DSC01666 DSC01667 DSC01670 DSC01672
DSC01673 DSC01675 DSC01676 DSC01679
DSC01683 DSC01686 DSC01687 DSC01692
DSC01700 DSC01702 DSC01706 DSC01708
DSC01709 DSC01711 DSC01713 DSC01715
DSC01716 DSC01718 DSC01719 DSC01723
DSC01725 DSC01728 DSC01729 DSC01732
DSC01733 DSC01737 DSC01744 DSC01747
DSC01750 DSC01752 DSC01754 DSC01755
DSC01759 DSC01761 DSC01763 DSC01765
DSC01767 DSC01770 DSC01772 DSC01775
DSC01776 DSC01779 DSC01781 DSC01784
DSC01786 DSC01788 DSC01802 DSC01806
DSC01808 DSC01809 DSC01815 DSC01817
DSC01818 DSC01819 DSC01822 DSC01825
DSC01830 DSC01831 DSC01833 DSC01837
DSC01839 DSC01842 DSC01851 DSC01857
DSC01868 DSC01869 DSC01873 DSC01876
DSC01877 DSC01879 DSC01882 DSC01885
DSC01887 DSC01889 DSC01892 DSC01896
DSC01898 DSC01899 DSC01902 DSC01904
DSC01906 DSC01909 DSC01914 DSC01916
DSC01918 DSC01922 DSC01924 DSC01929
DSC01934 DSC01935 DSC01937 DSC01940
DSC01943 DSC01944 DSC01947 DSC01949
DSC01951 DSC01955 DSC01956 DSC01958
DSC01960 DSC01962 DSC01964 DSC01966
DSC01968 DSC01969 DSC01970 DSC01973
DSC01975 DSC01977 DSC01979 DSC01982
DSC01984 DSC01986 DSC01987 DSC01989
DSC01992 DSC01993 DSC01997 DSC02000
DSC02001 DSC02003 DSC02006 DSC02007
DSC02009 DSC02011 DSC02015 DSC02018
DSC02020 DSC02022 DSC02025 DSC02029
DSC02031 DSC02033 DSC02034 DSC02038
DSC02040 DSC02043 DSC02048 DSC02049
DSC02050 DSC02051 DSC02052 DSC02054
DSC02055 DSC02063 DSC02065 DSC02078
DSC02080 DSC02086 DSC02089 DSC02090
DSC02092 DSC02094 DSC02098 DSC02099
DSC02106 DSC02107 DSC02108 DSC02114
DSC02116 DSC02119 DSC02123 DSC02127
DSC02128 DSC02131 DSC02136 DSC02139
DSC02141 DSC02144 DSC02146 DSC02150
DSC02154 DSC02159 DSC02160 DSC02163
DSC02167 DSC02170 DSC02173 DSC02176
DSC02178 DSC02181 DSC02184 DSC02186
DSC02191 DSC02193 DSC02196 DSC02197
DSC02200 DSC02201 DSC02205 DSC02207
DSC02210 DSC02216 DSC02220 DSC02221
DSC02228 DSC02230 DSC02232 DSC02237
DSC02240 DSC02281 DSC02282 DSC02283
DSC02284 DSC02285 DSC02288 DSC02290
DSC02291 DSC02292 DSC02294 DSC02296
DSC02298 DSC02299 DSC02301 DSC02302
DSC02303 DSC02305 DSC02306 DSC02307
DSC02308 DSC02310 DSC02311 DSC02313
DSC02315 DSC02317 DSC02321 DSC02322
DSC02323 DSC02324 DSC02325 DSC02326
DSC02328 DSC02329 DSC02330 DSC02332
DSC02338 DSC02339 DSC02341 DSC02342
DSC02343 DSC02345 DSC02347 DSC02348
DSC02349 DSC02352 DSC02353 DSC02354
DSC02355 DSC02358 DSC02359 DSC02360
DSC02362 DSC02365 DSC02366 DSC02369
DSC02371 DSC02373 DSC02374 DSC02375
DSC02376 DSC02377 DSC02378 DSC02379
DSC02381 DSC02382 DSC02385 DSC02387
DSC02388 DSC02389 DSC02390 DSC02391
DSC02392 DSC02393 DSC02394 DSC02405
DSC02406 DSC02408 DSC02409 DSC02411
DSC02414 DSC02415 DSC02416 DSC02417
DSC02418 DSC02419 DSC02421 DSC02425
DSC02427 DSC02433 DSC02434 DSC02435
DSC02436 DSC02438 DSC02439 DSC02440
DSC02444 DSC02447 DSC02448 DSC02449
DSC02455 DSC02457 DSC02459 DSC02461
DSC02489 DSC02496 DSC02535 DSC02538
DSC02542 DSC02552 DSC02580 DSC02581
DSC02583 DSC02584 DSC02586 DSC02588
DSC02589 DSC02590 DSC02595 DSC02600
DSC02601 DSC02603 DSC02609 DSC02610
DSC02616 DSC02617 DSC02618 DSC02619
DSC02621 DSC02622 DSC02626 DSC02656
DSC02657 DSC02659 DSC02661 DSC02663
DSC02665 DSC02668 DSC02669 DSC02704

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