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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 27, 2016 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC02710 DSC02712 DSC02715 DSC02716
DSC02720 DSC02722 DSC02724 DSC02726
DSC02733 DSC02734 DSC02738 DSC02739
DSC02741 DSC02744 DSC02747 DSC02749
DSC02751 DSC02753 DSC02756 DSC02758
DSC02764 DSC02766 DSC02769 DSC02771
DSC02773 DSC02778 DSC02786 DSC02788
DSC02793 DSC02794 DSC02797 DSC02800
DSC02801 DSC02803 DSC02807 DSC02810
DSC02811 DSC02814 DSC02816 DSC02819
DSC02822 DSC02825 DSC02827 DSC02829
DSC02830 DSC02835 DSC02837 DSC02839
DSC02840 DSC02843 DSC02846 DSC02848
DSC02850 DSC02861 DSC02865 DSC02866
DSC02870 DSC02873 DSC02875 DSC02877
DSC02880 DSC02885 DSC02888 DSC02894
DSC02896 DSC02906 DSC02909 DSC02912
DSC02915 DSC02919 DSC02922 DSC02923
DSC02924 DSC02927 DSC02930 DSC02933
DSC02936 DSC02938 DSC02939 DSC02941
DSC02944 DSC02948 DSC02950 DSC02952
DSC02953 DSC02957 DSC02958 DSC02964
DSC02967 DSC02968 DSC02969 DSC02976
DSC02977 DSC02979 DSC02982 DSC02983
DSC02985 DSC03024 DSC03027 DSC03029
DSC03036 DSC03043 DSC03045 DSC03046
DSC03047 DSC03049 DSC03051 DSC03054
DSC03136 DSC03138 DSC03140 DSC03141
DSC03145 DSC03147 DSC03149 DSC03151
DSC03152 DSC03155 DSC03157 DSC03162
DSC03164 DSC03168 DSC03169 DSC03172
DSC03173 DSC03174 DSC03175 DSC03176
DSC03177 DSC03178 DSC03180 DSC03182
DSC03183 DSC03184 DSC03186 DSC03187
DSC03188 DSC03189 DSC03190 DSC03222
DSC03226 DSC03227 DSC03231 DSC03234
DSC03236 DSC03237 DSC03238 DSC03240
DSC03242 DSC03243 DSC03244 DSC03245
DSC03246 DSC03247 DSC03248 DSC03249
DSC03251 DSC03349 DSC03352 DSC03353
DSC03354 DSC03355 DSC03356 DSC03357
DSC03364 DSC03368 DSC03369 DSC03370
DSC03384 DSC03392 DSC03435 DSC03447
DSC03448 DSC03449 DSC03488 DSC03489
DSC03490 DSC03491 DSC03492 DSC03493
DSC03498 DSC03503 DSC03504 DSC03505
DSC03506 DSC03508

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