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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
September 24, 2016 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC04347 DSC04349 DSC04351 DSC04352
DSC04354 DSC04359 DSC04363 DSC04365
DSC04368 DSC04371 DSC04374 DSC04376
DSC04378 DSC04380 DSC04383 DSC04386
DSC04388 DSC04389 DSC04392 DSC04394
DSC04396 DSC04398 DSC04400 DSC04402
DSC04404 DSC04406 DSC04408 DSC04410
DSC04411 DSC04418 DSC04419 DSC04422
DSC04424 DSC04428 DSC04430 DSC04433
DSC04434 DSC04437 DSC04438 DSC04439
DSC04442 DSC04443 DSC04446 DSC04448
DSC04450 DSC04452 DSC04453 DSC04455
DSC04458 DSC04459 DSC04463 DSC04464
DSC04467 DSC04469 DSC04473 DSC04476
DSC04477 DSC04479 DSC04483 DSC04484
DSC04486 DSC04488 DSC04489 DSC04492
DSC04494 DSC04495 DSC04496 DSC04498
DSC04504 DSC04508 DSC04511 DSC04513
DSC04515 DSC04516 DSC04518 DSC04521
DSC04522 DSC04525 DSC04527 DSC04528
DSC04530 DSC04532 DSC04533 DSC04535
DSC04539 DSC04540 DSC04541 DSC04545
DSC04547 DSC04549 DSC04551 DSC04553
DSC04554 DSC04556 DSC04558 DSC04560
DSC04562 DSC04563 DSC04565 DSC04567
DSC04570 DSC04572 DSC04574 DSC04582
DSC04583 DSC04586 DSC04588 DSC04589
DSC04592 DSC04593 DSC04594 DSC04596
DSC04597 DSC04598 DSC04599 DSC04601
DSC04605 DSC04608 DSC04612 DSC04615
DSC04616 DSC04618 DSC04619 DSC04622
DSC04623 DSC04624 DSC04625 DSC04626
DSC04627 DSC04629 DSC04634 DSC04638
DSC04639 DSC04640 DSC04642 DSC04643
DSC04649 DSC04650 DSC04652 DSC04654
DSC04656 DSC04657 DSC04658 DSC04659
DSC04660 DSC04661 DSC04663 DSC04666
DSC04669 DSC04676 DSC04677 DSC04678
DSC04680 DSC04681 DSC04703 DSC04704
DSC04709 DSC04710 DSC04711 DSC04713
DSC04715 DSC04717 DSC04718 DSC04720
DSC04724 DSC04725 DSC04726 DSC04727
DSC04728 DSC04801 DSC04804 DSC04805
DSC04806 DSC04807 DSC04808 DSC04809
DSC04810 DSC04811 DSC04812 DSC04813
DSC04815 DSC04816 DSC04817 DSC04818
DSC04819 DSC04820 DSC04823 DSC04824
DSC04825 DSC04828 DSC04829 DSC04830
DSC04831 DSC04832 DSC04833 DSC04836
DSC04838 DSC04839 DSC04840 DSC04842
DSC04844 DSC04846 DSC04847 DSC04849
DSC04851 DSC04852 DSC04853 DSC04854
DSC04855 DSC04856 DSC04857 DSC04859
DSC04860 DSC04864 DSC04865 DSC04866
DSC04868 DSC04869 DSC04871 DSC04876
DSC04877 DSC04878 DSC04879 DSC04880
DSC04881 DSC04884 DSC04887 DSC04889
DSC04891 DSC04900 DSC04901 DSC04902
DSC04907 DSC04908 DSC04910 DSC04912
DSC04913 DSC04917 DSC04919 DSC04959
DSC04962 DSC05005 DSC05006 DSC05007
DSC05009 DSC05010 DSC05011 DSC05012
DSC05013 DSC05017 DSC05018 DSC05021
DSC05022 DSC05023 DSC05024 DSC05026
DSC05030 DSC05031 DSC05032 DSC05033
DSC05034 DSC05037 DSC05041 DSC05042

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