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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
Pittsburgher 2016
October 8, 2016 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC05291 DSC05295 DSC05297 DSC05301
DSC05303 DSC05306 DSC05307 DSC05316
DSC05321 DSC05322 DSC05324 DSC05326
DSC05328 DSC05332 DSC05333 DSC05334
DSC05335 DSC05340 DSC05345 DSC05348
DSC05349 DSC05350 DSC05351 DSC05352
DSC05354 DSC05360 DSC05363 DSC05365
DSC05367 DSC05368 DSC05369 DSC05373
DSC05374 DSC05375 DSC05376 DSC05378
DSC05379 DSC05381 DSC05382 DSC05386
DSC05387 DSC05390 DSC05394 DSC05396
DSC05399 DSC05402 DSC05403 DSC05407
DSC05408 DSC05411 DSC05414 DSC05416
DSC05418 DSC05421 DSC05423 DSC05424
DSC05426 DSC05429 DSC05431 DSC05432
DSC05435 DSC05436 DSC05438 DSC05442
DSC05444 DSC05446 DSC05449 DSC05450
DSC05452 DSC05454 DSC05456 DSC05460
DSC05463 DSC05465 DSC05467 DSC05469
DSC05470 DSC05478 DSC05484 DSC05486
DSC05487 DSC05490 DSC05494 DSC05495
DSC05497 DSC05500 DSC05507 DSC05510
DSC05513 DSC05514 DSC05518 DSC05520
DSC05521 DSC05524 DSC05525 DSC05530
DSC05531 DSC05534 DSC05535 DSC05538
DSC05547 DSC05559 DSC05590 DSC05592
DSC05594 DSC05598 DSC05601 DSC05605
DSC05608 DSC05611 DSC05613 DSC05615
DSC05616 DSC05619 DSC05622 DSC05627
DSC05631 DSC05633 DSC05634 DSC05636
DSC05639 DSC05640 DSC05646 DSC05648
DSC05649 DSC05654 DSC05662 DSC05664
DSC05668 DSC05671 DSC05673 DSC05674
DSC05675 DSC05678 DSC05680 DSC05681
DSC05682 DSC05683 DSC05695 DSC05698
DSC05699 DSC05700 DSC05702 DSC05708
DSC05710 DSC05712 DSC05713 DSC05714
DSC05715 DSC05718 DSC05745 DSC05749 (2)
DSC05749 DSC05751 DSC05753 DSC05755
DSC05756 DSC05757 DSC05758 DSC05759
DSC05760 DSC05765 DSC05766 DSC05767
DSC05768 DSC05773 DSC05775 DSC05776
DSC05780 DSC05781 DSC05783 DSC05787
DSC05788 DSC05789 DSC05791 DSC05799
DSC05820 DSC05826 DSC05827 DSC05828
DSC05829 DSC05830 DSC05838 DSC05840
DSC05841 DSC05843 DSC05844 DSC05845
DSC05846 DSC05847 DSC05849 DSC05850
DSC05851 DSC05852 DSC05853 DSC05854
DSC05855 DSC05859 DSC05860 DSC05861
DSC05864 DSC05865 DSC05867 DSC05870
DSC05872 DSC05876 DSC05877 DSC05879
DSC05882 DSC05889 DSC05890 DSC05952
DSC05955 DSC05956 DSC05959 DSC05961
DSC05964 DSC05965 DSC05966 DSC05973
DSC05974 DSC05982 DSC05983 DSC05984
DSC05985 DSC06027 DSC06028 DSC06029
DSC06030 DSC06031 DSC06032 DSC06033
DSC06035 DSC06036 DSC06037 DSC06038
DSC06039 DSC06040 DSC06041 DSC06042
DSC06046 DSC06049 DSC06052 DSC06053
DSC06056 DSC06059 DSC06090 DSC06091
DSC06100 DSC06102 DSC06145 DSC06146

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