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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
May 20, 2017 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC08122 DSC08123 DSC08125 DSC08126
DSC08127 DSC08128 DSC08129 DSC08130
DSC08131 DSC08132 DSC08133 DSC08134
DSC08135 DSC08136 DSC08137 DSC08138
DSC08139 DSC08140 DSC08142 DSC08143
DSC08144 DSC08145 DSC08146 DSC08147
DSC08148 DSC08151 DSC08152 DSC08153
DSC08154 DSC08155 DSC08156 DSC08157
DSC08158 DSC08159 DSC08160 DSC08165
DSC08166 DSC08167 DSC08169 DSC08170
DSC08171 DSC08172 DSC08173 DSC08174
DSC08175 DSC08176 DSC08177 DSC08178
DSC08180 DSC08183 DSC08184 DSC08185
DSC08187 DSC08188 DSC08190 DSC08191
DSC08192 DSC08194 DSC08195 DSC08196
DSC08197 DSC08198 DSC08199 DSC08201
DSC08202 DSC08203 DSC08204 DSC08205
DSC08206 DSC08207 DSC08208 DSC08209
DSC08210 DSC08211 DSC08213 DSC08214
DSC08215 DSC08216 DSC08217 DSC08219
DSC08220 DSC08221 DSC08222 DSC08223
DSC08224 DSC08225 DSC08226 DSC08227
DSC08228 DSC08229 DSC08230 DSC08231
DSC08232 DSC08233 DSC08234 DSC08235
DSC08236 DSC08237 DSC08238 DSC08239
DSC08240 DSC08241 DSC08242 DSC08243
DSC08244 DSC08245 DSC08246 DSC08247
DSC08248 DSC08249 DSC08250 DSC08251
DSC08252 DSC08253 DSC08254 DSC08255
DSC08256 DSC08257 DSC08258 DSC08259
DSC08260 DSC08263 DSC08264 DSC08266
DSC08267 DSC08268 DSC08269 DSC08270
DSC08271 DSC08272 DSC08274 DSC08275
DSC08276 DSC08277 DSC08278 DSC08279
DSC08280 DSC08281 DSC08282 DSC08283
DSC08285 DSC08286 DSC08288 DSC08290
DSC08291 DSC08292 DSC08293 DSC08294
DSC08295 DSC08296 DSC08297 DSC08298
DSC08300 DSC08301 DSC08303 DSC08304
DSC08305 DSC08307 DSC08309 DSC08311
DSC08313 DSC08314 DSC08315 DSC08316
DSC08317 DSC08318 DSC08319 DSC08320
DSC08321 DSC08322 DSC08323 DSC08324
DSC08326 DSC08327 DSC08328 DSC08329
DSC08332 DSC08333 DSC08334 DSC08335
DSC08336 DSC08337 DSC08338 DSC08339
DSC08340 DSC08342 DSC08344 DSC08345
DSC08346 DSC08347 DSC08348 DSC08350
DSC08351 DSC08352 DSC08353 DSC08354
DSC08356 DSC08357 DSC08358 DSC08360
DSC08363 DSC08364 DSC08365 DSC08366
DSC08367 DSC08368 DSC08370 DSC08371
DSC08382 DSC08383 DSC08384 DSC08385
DSC08386 DSC08387 DSC08388 DSC08389
DSC08390 DSC08392 DSC08393 DSC08394
DSC08395 DSC08396 DSC08398 DSC08401
DSC08402 DSC08403 DSC08404 DSC08406
DSC08407 DSC08409 DSC08410 DSC08411
DSC08412 DSC08413 DSC08414 DSC08416
DSC08417 DSC08418 DSC08419 DSC08420
DSC08422 DSC08424 DSC08425 DSC08426
DSC08427 DSC08428 DSC08429 DSC08430
DSC08432 DSC08433 DSC08434 DSC08435
DSC08436 DSC08437 DSC08438 DSC08439
DSC08441 DSC08445 DSC08446 DSC08447
DSC08454 DSC08457 DSC08458 DSC08459
DSC08460 DSC08461 DSC08462 DSC08463
DSC08465 DSC08466 DSC08467 DSC08471
DSC08473 DSC08474 DSC08475 DSC08476
DSC08477 DSC08478 DSC08483 DSC08484
DSC08485 DSC08487 DSC08489 DSC08490
DSC08491 DSC08492 DSC08493 DSC08494
DSC08495 DSC08496 DSC08498 DSC08502
DSC08503 DSC08505 DSC08506 DSC08507
DSC08508 DSC08509 DSC08510 DSC08512
DSC08518 DSC08519 DSC08520 DSC08521
DSC08523 DSC08524 DSC08526 DSC08527
DSC08529 DSC08531 DSC08532 DSC08533
DSC08534 DSC08535 DSC08537 DSC08538
DSC08540 DSC08542 DSC08543 DSC08550
DSC08555 DSC08557 DSC08559 DSC08564
DSC08565 DSC08568 DSC08569 DSC08570
DSC08573 DSC08574 DSC08577 DSC08578
DSC08581 DSC08583 DSC08584 DSC08585
DSC08587 DSC08588 DSC08589 DSC08590
DSC08593 DSC08594 DSC08596 DSC08599
DSC08601 DSC08602 DSC08603 DSC08604
DSC08618 DSC08620 DSC08621 DSC08622
DSC08624 DSC08627 DSC08629 DSC08630
DSC08631 DSC08632 DSC08634 DSC08668
DSC08671 DSC08672 DSC08734 DSC08744
DSC08745 DSC08760 DSC08761 DSC08762
DSC08764 DSC08765 DSC08766 DSC08768
DSC08769 DSC08772

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