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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Winged Sprints

July 24, 2017 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC04586 DSC04588 DSC04591 DSC04596
DSC04599 DSC04600 DSC04604 DSC04605
DSC04613 DSC04616 DSC04619 DSC04622
DSC04625 DSC04626 DSC04628 DSC04630
DSC04636 DSC04639 DSC04641 DSC04644
DSC04647 DSC04652 DSC04656 DSC04659
DSC04661 DSC04663 DSC04665 DSC04666
DSC04670 DSC04671 DSC04674 DSC04676
DSC04681 DSC04684 DSC04685 DSC04687
DSC04689 DSC04691 DSC04693 DSC04695
DSC04699 DSC04708 DSC04711 DSC04715
DSC04719 DSC04734 DSC04740 DSC04751
DSC04752 DSC04755 DSC04765 DSC04766
DSC04773 DSC04774 DSC04776 DSC04779
DSC04783 DSC04785 DSC04787 DSC04789
DSC04792 DSC04794 DSC04797 DSC04800
DSC04802 DSC04803 DSC04805 DSC04807
DSC04811 DSC04812 DSC04815 DSC04817
DSC04818 DSC04819 DSC04823 DSC04825
DSC04826 DSC04830 DSC04833 DSC04835
DSC04839 DSC04841 DSC04846 DSC04847
DSC04848 DSC04851 DSC04853 DSC04855
DSC04857 DSC04859 DSC04862 DSC04864
DSC04865 DSC04866 DSC04868 DSC04870
DSC04873 DSC04877 DSC04883 DSC04886
DSC04889 DSC04900 DSC04906 DSC04908
DSC04911 DSC04914 DSC04916 DSC04919
DSC04926 DSC04927 DSC04937 DSC04940
DSC04947 DSC04948 DSC04951 DSC04954
DSC04955 DSC04957 DSC04960 DSC04961
DSC04964 DSC04966 DSC04969 DSC04979
DSC04982 DSC04985 DSC04986 DSC04989
DSC04991 DSC04999 DSC05001 DSC05002
DSC05005 DSC05008 DSC05010 DSC05012
DSC05015 DSC05018 DSC05025 DSC05029
DSC05032 DSC05034 DSC05037 DSC05039
DSC05042 DSC05047 DSC05048 DSC05049
DSC05057 DSC05060 DSC05062 DSC05065
DSC05069 DSC05071 DSC05074 DSC05077
DSC05080 DSC05082 DSC05085 DSC05088
DSC05097 DSC05107 DSC05111 DSC05117
DSC05119 DSC05122 DSC05124 DSC05128
DSC05131 DSC05134 DSC05137 DSC05139
DSC05142 DSC05145 DSC05147 DSC05150
DSC05154 DSC05155 DSC05158 DSC05161
DSC05164 DSC05168 DSC05170 DSC05172
DSC05174 DSC05176 DSC05179 DSC05180
DSC05183 DSC05185 DSC05188 DSC05189
DSC05190 DSC05194 DSC05196 DSC05201
DSC05202 DSC05203 DSC05204 DSC05208
DSC05211 DSC05213 DSC05215 DSC05220
DSC05223 DSC05224 DSC05227 DSC05232
DSC05234 DSC05237 DSC05239 DSC05240
DSC05241 DSC05246 DSC05249 DSC05252
DSC05255 DSC05258 DSC05261 DSC05263
DSC05270 DSC05271 DSC05272 DSC05275
DSC05276 DSC05278 DSC05281 DSC05284
DSC05287 DSC05294 DSC05295 DSC05302
DSC05305 DSC05310 DSC05313 DSC05316
DSC05321 DSC05326 DSC05328 DSC05333
DSC05338 DSC05339 DSC05342 DSC05344
DSC05347 DSC05349 DSC05350 DSC05353
DSC05355 DSC05358 DSC05361 DSC05365
DSC05370 DSC05374 DSC05376 DSC05379
DSC05384 DSC05388 DSC05391 DSC05396
DSC05398 DSC05404 DSC05407 DSC05413
DSC05421 DSC05423 DSC05425 DSC05429
DSC05433 DSC05438 DSC05439 DSC05443
DSC05445 DSC05448 DSC05451 DSC05452
DSC05456 DSC05459 DSC05460 DSC05467
DSC05470 DSC05472 DSC05478 DSC05489
DSC05495 DSC05499 DSC05502 DSC05503
DSC05506 DSC05509 DSC05510 DSC05513
DSC05515 DSC05518 DSC05519 DSC05523
DSC05525 DSC05526 DSC05531 DSC05533
DSC05535 DSC05538 DSC05544 DSC05549
DSC05553 DSC05555 DSC05558 DSC05565
DSC05567 DSC05571 DSC05572 DSC05581
DSC05584 DSC05586 DSC05587 DSC05589
DSC05590 DSC05602 DSC05605 DSC05613
DSC05614 DSC05615 DSC05616 DSC05621
DSC05622 DSC05623 DSC05628 DSC05631
DSC05633 DSC05637 DSC05639 DSC05641
DSC05643 DSC05650 DSC05652 DSC05655
DSC05661 DSC05664 DSC05665 DSC05666
DSC05684 DSC05685 DSC05686 DSC05687
DSC05688 DSC05689 DSC05703 DSC05707
DSC05711 DSC05712 DSC05732 DSC05734
DSC05735 DSC05736 DSC05737 DSC05738
DSC05742 DSC05743 DSC05745 DSC05751
DSC05760 DSC05763 DSC05767 DSC05769
DSC05770 DSC05772 DSC05775 DSC05779
DSC05781 DSC05782 DSC05787 DSC05885
DSC05891 DSC05892 DSC05893 DSC05895
DSC05901 DSC05904 DSC05905 DSC05907
DSC05918 DSC05919 DSC05922 DSC05923
DSC05924 DSC05925 DSC05927 DSC05928
DSC05929 DSC05931 DSC05952 DSC05953
DSC05956 DSC05957 DSC05962 DSC05966

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