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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
2nd Annual Wee Willie White Memorial
Sanctioned by the Homak Manufacturing Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series
August 5, 2017 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC07046 DSC07049 DSC07050 DSC07052
DSC07054 DSC07058 DSC07059 DSC07063
DSC07072 DSC07073 DSC07075 DSC07078
DSC07081 DSC07084 DSC07087 DSC07088
DSC07091 DSC07094 DSC07095 DSC07099
DSC07102 DSC07107 DSC07108 DSC07112
DSC07116 DSC07119 DSC07120 DSC07122
DSC07128 DSC07131 DSC07132 DSC07134
DSC07137 DSC07138 DSC07139 DSC07140
DSC07142 DSC07144 DSC07145 DSC07148
DSC07149 DSC07150 DSC07152 DSC07154
DSC07156 DSC07159 DSC07160 DSC07162
DSC07163 DSC07164 DSC07168 DSC07173
DSC07177 DSC07179 DSC07182 DSC07185
DSC07187 DSC07191 DSC07192 DSC07194
DSC07197 DSC07199 DSC07202 DSC07203
DSC07205 DSC07208 DSC07213 DSC07215
DSC07217 DSC07219 DSC07221 DSC07223
DSC07224 DSC07225 DSC07229 DSC07230
DSC07233 DSC07236 DSC07238 DSC07240
DSC07243 DSC07244 DSC07245 DSC07248
DSC07250 DSC07253 DSC07255 DSC07260
DSC07261 DSC07262 DSC07264 DSC07265
DSC07269 DSC07273 DSC07275 DSC07277
DSC07280 DSC07283 DSC07286 DSC07288
DSC07291 DSC07293 DSC07296 DSC07300
DSC07305 DSC07307 DSC07309 DSC07311
DSC07313 DSC07316 DSC07317 DSC07318
DSC07320 DSC07323 DSC07324 DSC07326
DSC07327 DSC07329 DSC07332 DSC07334
DSC07336 DSC07339 DSC07341 DSC07346
DSC07349 DSC07350 DSC07352 DSC07354
DSC07356 DSC07361 DSC07367 DSC07368
DSC07370 DSC07373 DSC07376 DSC07377
DSC07381 DSC07383 DSC07386 DSC07388
DSC07390 DSC07394 DSC07399 DSC07400
DSC07401 DSC07403 DSC07404 DSC07408
DSC07412 DSC07413 DSC07416 DSC07419
DSC07425 DSC07427 DSC07429 DSC07431
DSC07433 DSC07436 DSC07438 DSC07439
DSC07441 DSC07444 DSC07446 DSC07448
DSC07449 DSC07451 DSC07460 DSC07461
DSC07464 DSC07469 DSC07475 DSC07476
DSC07479 DSC07482 DSC07484 DSC07488
DSC07489 DSC07490 DSC07494 DSC07495
DSC07497 DSC07502 DSC07505 DSC07507
DSC07511 DSC07513 DSC07515 DSC07518
DSC07521 DSC07525 DSC07529 DSC07532
DSC07534 DSC07535 DSC07539 DSC07542
DSC07544 DSC07545 DSC07549 DSC07552
DSC07555 DSC07560 DSC07562 DSC07563
DSC07566 DSC07568 DSC07570 DSC07572
DSC07574 DSC07577 DSC07579 DSC07581
DSC07582 DSC07584 DSC07587 DSC07589
DSC07591 DSC07592 DSC07594 DSC07597
DSC07598 DSC07599 DSC07601 DSC07602
DSC07604 DSC07607 DSC07609 DSC07610
DSC07612 DSC07615 DSC07616 DSC07617
DSC07619 DSC07658 DSC07664 DSC07666
DSC07668 DSC07669 DSC07670 DSC07677
DSC07678 DSC07681 DSC07682 DSC07684
DSC07688 DSC07689 DSC07690 DSC07691
DSC07692 DSC07693 DSC07694 DSC07699
DSC07703 DSC07704 DSC07726 DSC07727
DSC07728 DSC07730 DSC07732 DSC07733
DSC07734 DSC07735 DSC07742 DSC07746
DSC07748 DSC07749 DSC07751 DSC07755
DSC07764 DSC07767 DSC07768 DSC07770
DSC07773 DSC07776 DSC07777 DSC07779
DSC07784 DSC07785 DSC07788 DSC07791
DSC07792 DSC07827 DSC07828 DSC07837
DSC07838 DSC07840 DSC07844 DSC07846
DSC07856 DSC07857 DSC07859 DSC07861
DSC07880 DSC07882 DSC07886 DSC07887
DSC07888 DSC07889 DSC07890 DSC07891
DSC07893 DSC07898 DSC07899 DSC07900
DSC07901 DSC07903 DSC07904 DSC07906
DSC07912 DSC07936 DSC07939 DSC07945
DSC07947 DSC07948 DSC07949 DSC07973

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