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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
28th Jook George Memorial Classic
August 12, 2017 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
Please email or call 412-327-5284 to order reprints or request to use photos.
Note: It is okay to share a photo on Facebook if remains on photo.
DSC08000 DSC08002 DSC08005 DSC08006
DSC08010 DSC08012 DSC08013 DSC08016
DSC08020 DSC08023 DSC08026 DSC08029
DSC08030 DSC08034 DSC08035 DSC08037
DSC08038 DSC08041 DSC08044 DSC08045
DSC08046 DSC08049 DSC08051 DSC08054
DSC08057 DSC08058 DSC08059 DSC08061
DSC08066 DSC08067 DSC08071 DSC08075
DSC08077 DSC08078 DSC08081 DSC08082
DSC08086 DSC08089 DSC08090 DSC08092
DSC08094 DSC08096 DSC08100 DSC08104
DSC08106 DSC08107 DSC08108 DSC08114
DSC08116 DSC08121 DSC08122 DSC08123
DSC08126 DSC08129 DSC08132 DSC08135
DSC08137 DSC08138 DSC08139 DSC08144
DSC08148 DSC08151 DSC08154 DSC08155
DSC08159 DSC08161 DSC08164 DSC08166
DSC08169 DSC08174 DSC08175 DSC08177
DSC08180 DSC08182 DSC08188 DSC08189
DSC08190 DSC08193 DSC08196 DSC08200
DSC08203 DSC08204 DSC08207 DSC08208
DSC08212 DSC08215 DSC08218 DSC08219
DSC08224 DSC08241 DSC08242 DSC08245
DSC08249 DSC08250 DSC08256 DSC08258
DSC08259 DSC08262 DSC08264 DSC08269
DSC08270 DSC08274 DSC08279 DSC08281
DSC08284 DSC08288 DSC08293 DSC08300
DSC08301 DSC08303 DSC08305 DSC08308
DSC08310 DSC08312 DSC08314 DSC08318
DSC08326 DSC08329 DSC08332 DSC08338
DSC08339 DSC08342 DSC08346 DSC08348
DSC08351 DSC08352 DSC08355 DSC08356
DSC08359 DSC08362 DSC08364 DSC08365
DSC08372 DSC08375 DSC08378 DSC08380
DSC08383 DSC08385 DSC08393 DSC08397
DSC08400 DSC08401 DSC08405 DSC08410
DSC08420 DSC08421 DSC08422 DSC08424
DSC08428 DSC08429 DSC08431 DSC08433
DSC08439 DSC08446 DSC08452 DSC08455
DSC08459 DSC08460 DSC08464 DSC08465
DSC08466 DSC08469 DSC08473 DSC08474
DSC08476 DSC08478 DSC08480 DSC08481
DSC08483 DSC08486 DSC08489 DSC08491
DSC08494 DSC08495 DSC08498 DSC08499
DSC08500 DSC08503 DSC08504 DSC08506
DSC08508 DSC08510 DSC08514 DSC08517
DSC08518 DSC08520 DSC08523 DSC08527
DSC08530 DSC08538 DSC08541 DSC08544
DSC08546 DSC08549 DSC08553 DSC08558
DSC08561 DSC08567 DSC08571 DSC08574
DSC08578 DSC08582 DSC08584 DSC08588
DSC08591 DSC08593 DSC08597 DSC08598
DSC08601 DSC08602 DSC08612 DSC08613
DSC08621 DSC08624 DSC08625 DSC08626
DSC08631 DSC08634 DSC08645 DSC08650
DSC08654 DSC08658 DSC08661 DSC08664
DSC08665 DSC08667 DSC08668 DSC08670
DSC08674 DSC08675 DSC08677 DSC08679
DSC08681 DSC08684 DSC08686 DSC08687
DSC08689 DSC08691 DSC08694 DSC08696
DSC08698 DSC08701 DSC08703 DSC08706
DSC08707 DSC08709 DSC08711 DSC08714
DSC08715 DSC08717 DSC08719 DSC08720
DSC08722 DSC08724 DSC08725 DSC08728
DSC08729 DSC08731 DSC08734 DSC08737
DSC08739 DSC08743 DSC08744 DSC08749
DSC08755 DSC08759 DSC08761 DSC08764
DSC08766 DSC08768 DSC08772 DSC08778
DSC08779 DSC08782 DSC08785 DSC08788
DSC08790 DSC08792 DSC08794 DSC08796
DSC08798 DSC08801 DSC08804 DSC08807
DSC08809 DSC08810 DSC08814 DSC08816
DSC08819 DSC08823 DSC08825 DSC08826
DSC08834 DSC08837 DSC08838 DSC08842
DSC08843 DSC08849 DSC08854 DSC08856
DSC08864 DSC08867 DSC08870 DSC08873
DSC08875 DSC08878 DSC08880 DSC08885
DSC08887 DSC08889 DSC08891 DSC08894
DSC08896 DSC08900 DSC08902 DSC08903
DSC08907 DSC08914 DSC08915 DSC08918
DSC08920 DSC08921 DSC08922 DSC08924
DSC08926 DSC08927 DSC08935 DSC08936
DSC08939 DSC08940 DSC08942 DSC08951
DSC08953 DSC08961 DSC08962 DSC08964
DSC08967 DSC08969 DSC08970 DSC08974
DSC08975 DSC08976 DSC08977 DSC08984
DSC08986 DSC08987 DSC08988 DSC09000
DSC09016 DSC09022 DSC09048 DSC09049
DSC09050 DSC09053 DSC09054 DSC09056
DSC09059 DSC09116 DSC09117 DSC09119
DSC09120 DSC09121 DSC09122 DSC09123
DSC09124 DSC09125 DSC09127 DSC09128
DSC09129 DSC09130 DSC09131 DSC09132
DSC09134 DSC09135 DSC09136 DSC09138
DSC09139 DSC09140 DSC09141 DSC09142
DSC09143 DSC09144 DSC09145 DSC09146
DSC09147 DSC09152 DSC09153 DSC09154
DSC09155 DSC09157 DSC09158 DSC09159
DSC09160 DSC09161 DSC09162 DSC09163
DSC09164 DSC09165 DSC09166 DSC09167
DSC09169 DSC09170 DSC09172 DSC09173
DSC09175 DSC09176 DSC09177 DSC09178
DSC09179 DSC09181 DSC09182 DSC09183
DSC09184 DSC09185 DSC09186 DSC09187
DSC09188 DSC09192 DSC09194 DSC09195
DSC09196 DSC09198 DSC09199 DSC09201
DSC09202 DSC09204 DSC09205 DSC09206
DSC09207 DSC09208 DSC09209 DSC09210
DSC09211 DSC09212 DSC09213 DSC09215
DSC09218 DSC09219 DSC09225 DSC09227
DSC09228 DSC09231 DSC09233 DSC09234
DSC09235 DSC09236 DSC09237 DSC09238
DSC09241 DSC09246 DSC09254 DSC09264
DSC09271 DSC09273 DSC09275 DSC09277
DSC09279 DSC09359 DSC09360 DSC09361
DSC09379 DSC09381 DSC09384

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