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Upcoming Events at PPMS:

Saturday, June 25 - no racing.

Saturday, July 2 - Traditional non-winged sprint cars, sanctioned by the Mo Vaughn Transport Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series. One dollar hot dog night presented by Berks/Nickles, plus an Action Event featuring the Diehl Automotive Super Late Models, Precise Racing Products RUSH Pro Late Models, Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman, Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks, and Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns.

Saturday, July 9 - The Fifth Annual Ed Laboon Memorial race for the Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman, sanctioned by the Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series, presented by Brougher's Machine Shop. RUSH Modifieds, plus Diehl Automotive Super Late Models, Precise Racing Products RUSH Pro Late Models, Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks, and Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns. Twin State Auto Racing Club Night.

Saturday, July 16 - "Modasaures X" featuring the BRP Modified Tour for Big Block Modifieds and the RUSH Modifieds, plus the Precise Racing Products RUSH Pro Late Models, Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman, Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks, Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns.

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 Press Box Photo
Carl Bowser won the sprint special event at
Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway on June 18, 2016.


Imperial, PA (June 18, 2016)...Carl Bowser from Sarver was the winner of the Sprint feature, as the winged sprint cars joined the weekly card at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday night. John Flinner from Zelienople took the victory in the Diehl Automotive Super Late Models. Ben Policz from Rices Landing drove to a dominant victory in the Precise Racing Products RUSH Pro Late Models. Daryl Charlier of Midway took top honors in the Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman division. Oakdale's Joe Podolinsky won in the Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks, as the Imperial Heights Garage Young Gun winner was O.B. Huff from Heidelburg.

The visiting winged 410 sprint cars showed up with a field of 17 cars, and ran their 20-lap feature non-stop, without incident. Ralph Engel, Jr. and Brandon Matus started on the front row, with Engel leading from the start. Fourth starting Carl Bowser closed in on Engel by lap 5, and the battle for the lead was on. On lap 8, as the leaders closed in on race traffic, Bowser shot past in turn two and took a lead that he would hold for the remaining distance on lap 9. Matus took second on lap 17 and was 3.998 seconds behind at the finish. Bowser completed the 20 lap distance in 6 minutes and 33 seconds. Sye Lynch was third, ahead of Engel and Jack Sodeman, Jr. A.J. Flick, Darin Gallagher, Dan Kuriger, Scott Priester, and John Garvin rounded out the top ten. Bowser and Zach Morrow were the heat race winners, and Bowser was the fastest qualifier at 17.943. The staff and management of PPMS would like to thank the visiting sprint car teams for their outstanding support and for putting on a great show.

John Flinner and Brandon Burgoon led the Diehl Automotive Super Late Models on the starting grid for their 25-lap feature with Flinner immediately taking the lead. Third starting Michael Norris moved to second and tried to keep pace with Flinner, and gained some distance before a pair of caution periods with 12 laps complete. With a 1.6 second lead wiped out, Flinner took the inside lane for what would be the final restart with Norris to his outside. Flinner used the inside lane to perfection, as he nosed ahead when racing resumed. Norris stayed close for a while, but in the late laps Flinner increased his lead on the way to winning by 3.014 seconds, and took over the division point lead in the process. Norris was second over Burgoon, Josh Holtgraver, and Jake Gunn. Flinner also won the heat race.

To say that Ben Policz dominated the 20-lap Precise Racing Products RUSH Pro Late Model feature would be an understatement. After two caution periods forced complete restarts, once the race did start, Policz simply drove away from the competition. His largest lead of the race was on lap 14, where his lead was an amazing 10.4 seconds. Justin Lamb started outside of Policz on the front row, but was passed for second by Daryl Charlier at the halfway mark. Charlier made up some distance on the leader in his second place run, finishing 7.489 seconds behind at the finish. Policz also took over the division point lead with his victory. Lamb was third, ahead of Michael Reft and Kyle Lukon. John Mollick and Lamb were heat winners.

Daryl Charlier drove the Dave McManus 114 to victory lane in the non-stop 15-lap feature for the Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman division. Starting from the pole by the luck of the redraw, the heat race winner quickly nosed ahead of fellow front row starter Mark Lee and raced away to win by 7.374 seconds. The victory gave McManus the point lead. Ricky Stigerwald and Nick Kocuba had a great battle for second, racing side by side for over two laps before Stigerwald nosed ahead at the white flag to get runner-up honors. Joel Johns was fourth, with Jeff Broniszewski fifth.

Tyler Fox and Dale Tuche led the Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stock feature to green with Fox nosing ahead at the start. Joe Podolinsky started fourth and was quickly up to challenge, passing Fox to lead lap one to take a lead that he held the entire 12 lap distance. Fox was second, with Eric Goldberg third. Karlee Kovacs passed new point leader Dale Tuche on lap 7 to take fourth. Podolinsky also won the heat.

In the 6-lap Imperial Heights Garage Young Gun main, O.B. Huff took the win over point leader Michael Jackson and Ben Anton.

There will be no racing at at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday, June 25, but racing continues on Saturday night, July 2, with sprint cars once again joining the racing program. Traditional sprint cars, the exciting non-winged variety, join the racing program, sanctioned by the Mo Vaughn Transport Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series. It will be "One dollar hot dog night" presented by Berks/Nickles, as the Super Late Models, Pro Late Models, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, and Young Guns will also be in competition. Gates open at 5:00, with warm-ups at 6:00 and racing at 7:00. The track is located just south of the Noblestown exit of U.S. Route 22, or 170 Kelso Road in Imperial, PA, for GPS purposes. The track phone is 724-695-3363 on race days, or call 412-279-RACE. For complete information please visit the track website at .

Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway results for Saturday, June 18, 2016.

Winged 410 sprints
Feature - 1, 10, Carl Bowser. 2, 13, Brandon Matus. 3, 24X, Sye Lynch. 4, 22, Ralph Engel, Jr. 5, 23, Jack Sodeman, Jr. 6, 2, A.J. Flick. 7, 12, Darin Gallagher. 8, 08, Dan Kuriger. 9, 15, Scott Priester. 10, 51, John Garvin, Jr. 11, 27, Zach Morrow. 12, 33, Brent Matus. 13, 24, Alex Paden. 14, C1, Clay Riney. 15, 86, Rick Holley. 16, 5, Michael Fischesser. 17, 76, Davey Jones.
Fastest qualifier - Carl Bowser, 17.943 seconds.
Heat 1 - 1, Carl Bowser. 2, Jack Sodeman, Jr. 3, Brandon Matus. 4, Darin Gallagher. 5, Sye Lynch. . 6, Scott Priester. 7, A.J. Flick. 8, Ralph Engel, Jr.
Heat 2 - 1, Zach Morrow. 2, Dan Kuriger. 3, John Garvin, Jr. 4, Brent Matus. 5, Alex Paden. 6, Clay Riney. 7, Michael Fischesser. 8, Rick Holley. 9, Davey Jones.

Diehl Super Late Models
Feature - 1, 4T8, John Flinner. 2, 72, Michael Norris. 3, 02, Brandon Burgoon. 4, 00, Josh Holtgraver. 5, 7, Jake Gunn. 6, 13, Bill Yohe, Jr. 7, 38, Steve Pyeritz. 8, M5, Christian Schneider. 9, 55D, Tom Duratz. 10, 14, Butch Neubert.
Heat 1 - 1, John Flinner. 2, Josh Holtgraver. 3, Brandon Burgoon. 4, Jake Gunn. 5, Christian Schneider. 6, Michael Norris. 7, Tom Duratz. 8, Bill Yohe, Jr. 9, Steve Pyeritz. 10, Butch Neubert.

Precise Racing Products RUSH Pro Late Models
Feature - 1, 14B, Ben Policz. 2, 12C, Daryl Charlier. 3, 93X, Justin Lamb. 4, 9R, Michael Reft. 5, 184, Kyle Lukon. 6, B4, Steve Beatty. 7, 60M, John Mollick. 8, 60B, Brandon Burgoon. 9, 2M, Chuck Medved. 10, 27C, Russ Kolesar. 11, 11, Justin Massie. 12, 17M, Russ Matejka.
Heat 1 - 1, John Mollick. 2, Justin Massie. 3, Ben Policz. 4, Steve Beatty. 5, Russ Kolesar. 6, Chuck Medved.
Heat 2 - 1, Justin Lamb. 2, Kyle Lukon. 3, Michael Reft. 4, Daryl Charlier. 5, Brandon Burgoon. 6, Russ Matejka.

Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman
Feature - 1, 114, Daryl Charlier. 2, 4S, Ricky Steigerwald. 3, 10, Nick Kocuba. 4, M5, Joel Johns. 5, 08, Jeff Broniszewski. 6, 7, Eric Piotrowski. 7, 25L, Mark Lee. 8, 81, Robert Betz. DNS, 18, Mike Harris.
Heat 1 - 1, Daryl Charlier. 2, Ricky Steigerwald. 3, Nick Kocuba. 4, Joel Johns. 5, Eric Piotrowski. 6, Jeff Broniszewski. 7, Robert Betz. 8, Mark Lee. DNS, Mike Harris.

Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks
Feature - 1, 56, Joe Podolinsky. 2, 39F, Tyler Fox. 3, 08, Eric Goldberg. 4, 221K, Karlee Kovacs. 5, 310, Dale Tuche. 6, 77X, Casey Grumling.
Heat 1 - 1, Joe Podolinsky. 2, Tyler Fox. 3, Eric Goldberg. 4, Karlee Kovacs. 5, Dale Tuche. 6, Casey Grumling.

Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns
Feature - 1, 83, O.B. Huff. 2, 89, Michael Jackson. 3, 13, Ben Anton.